Movie Review: Dark Knight

My heart never stopped racing from beginning to end of this film. This movie made a lot of horror movies I know looked like child’s play.

Chris Nolan brings you a phenomenal Batman Movie with Dark Knight. This is an installment that will not let you down. This makes, as frequently spoken of, the best Batman movie EVER! I am lost for words on how great it is. The movie, in my opinion, effectively portrays the chaos that is our world. And that our choices make a ripple of events.

Christian Bale played Batman like a dream, strong and weak all at the same time. A true dark knight. Here we will see Batman for what he is, human like us and not just a Super Hero.

From beginning to end, this movie will make you face your fears, the decisions you are afraid to make and the dreams you want to fulfill. Joker will make fun it; he will do nasty things to pull you down. He is a mad dog bent on destruction. He will take you to a dark and evil place. He is after all, has nothing to lose unlike the rest of us. Stellar performance, Heath Ledger. Wherever you may be.

Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent aka Two Face, managed to inspire sympathy and loathing from me. He will make it easier to gravitate to evilness had he not been innately a true hero as the once District Attorney and dreams of a future with Rachel (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal).

With the continuously heightening action scenes, special effects and great film strategy will definitely keep you on your toes and secretly wanting it not to end. I don’t a lot about how a movie is made but this one specially impressed me.

This is not a movie for little kids, if you asked me, despite the PG 13 rating it is given. Nonetheless, the kiddos will definitely love this.

The boyfriend will have a wonderful time with this movie. Especially if its your treat. :)

much love,

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