I feel pure unadulterated anger! My Godmother from Hawaii just called to inform me that she just received my second Cherry Culture delivery. Yey!

but this got me all fired up...

She said "I heard from someone that you are not studying very well and that you have a lot of vices. I'm worried about you." Of course, i asked her where she got that kind of news. Because quite honestly, P*****INA!(motherf******) (i didn't say that to my aunt, of course).

Sorry for my french, but i really am seething mad and i could probably b*tchslap that person right now. Who, unfortunately, could even be a relative , determined to destroy my name from my aunt's abroad.

First of all, if you are trying to win favors from my aunts by sullying my name, forget it. It ain't gonna happen. And even if their favors transfer to you and none to me, it's okay. I'm well taken care of. I don't consider my aunts as cows i can milk dollars from. You're the reason why some balikbayans hate going back to their countries, it's because of leeches like you!

Second, how the hell would you know the things i go through with school???? Why don't you f***ing enroll in law school and see how difficult it is. I don't think you'll last a day or even get in to one.

Thirdly, I do have vices. But i have the means to support it. I make my own money to pay for the things i want. So, if you envy all the posts you read here and all my other blogs or even everytime you see me (which i'm not sure when or how!) and envy my lifestyle, eat your f***ng heart out. You'll never have a good life like this. MAMATAY KA SA INGGIT! (Die with envy!)

Lastly, I should feel sorry for you but i don't. Don't think i'll put up with your sh**. Not in this world, b****.

You totally messed with the wrong person.

Remember, there are reason why i am putting up with law school to be a lawyer.. And that is to take out people like you.

Pray, i don't find out who you are. I'll make your life a living s***hole.

this is not from your resident Kikay Pinay, but from her mean girl personality.


I know my Godmother means well and that she was just reminding me to stay focus. thanks for that, Ninang(godmother). I won't forget your words and take them to heart. i love you, Ninang.

Sorry, to my readers and fellow beauty bloggers, that you have to read this. I just need to take it out of me... And i know you'll understand.

Honestly, i don't know what vices that person is talking about because i only socially smoke and drink. Do you think it's make-up, then? Then, i'll gladly admit it is a vice... a very very beautiful vice.

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