FOTD: green + Sick + Law school Life

My look today is totally spontaneous because i didn't have any idea what to wear. My head was in space due to my colds. I just wanted to curl in bed, sleep and take cold medicine the whole freaking day. But i don't have a fever so no excuse to miss class (which i'm late for anyway!).

The look was supposedly Green but i opted to tone it down with a Brown eyeshadow to make it a little nuetral. You might hate it. I was kinda disappointed with this look but heck, this is pure experimenting in a five minute allowance. Honestly, i feel like a dork with this make up. and I'll stick to neutral tones next week.

My skin today is at its worst. I swear my pores never look larger and i am breaking out like crazy. this is definitely a sign that i should rest my face from make-up.... WWWWHHHHAAAAT??? i know... i don't think i can. Hopefully, the rumor is true that there are no classes come Friday and Saturday. Then maybe i could remind myself that there is life after LAW SCHOOL. Le sigh..


Face: (can't remember exact colors, sorry!!)
Dreamworld + Joppa Mix
MAC Peachtwist blush
Ellana Happiness
MAC brow shader

BareNaturals Beige-ing
Elianto Green E/s
Elianto Coffee brown
SassyMinerals Ivy

Fendry Liptint in Copper


On a personal note...

Today is a very stressful day. No surprise that i'm late for class. Dean R didn't hold class, instead he just gave the assignments. Hai.. Next time, Shen, Straighten your life.

Having colds and cough is not helping either. I was truly in uneasy the whole time and i think my vertigo came back. Really need to see the doctor. I arrived in school in time for the orientation but the rebel in me refused to attend. i stayed at my friend's "office" instead. Took a few shots then studied at the library from about 6 p.m. til 9 p.m. I hitched a ride with G since she'll be getting the book i borrowed from her. Thanks, G!

Here are some of a photos.. a day in a life of a so-called law student.

My fave treat waaayy back in elementary days, Cheez-it! :)

I got my hair cut at Azta salon yesterday(monday). I just had it layered and trimmed. Not really noticeable but i want to let you know.
I also got my dental prophylaxis. :) clean bill of healthy teeth again, gap-teeth and all. :)

my bestfriend, G, and I with our fave treat.

J, taking my pic.

at the library...

i'm not enjoying this..

my small cubicle.. i'm such a mess.

my other small cubicle.. can't get my bag dirtied on the floor.
i'm loving this nine west patchwork bag. so chic looking. :) thanks mom!

stale coffee..

carbo loaded dinner...

That's all for now...

much love from the stressed and sneezing,

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