Elianto Hauls

I'm back with a vengeance! :)

Finally, after a long time i was able to visit Trinoma again. Yey!

Before catching a double flick, the BF was kind enough to accompany me to Landmark (located at ground floor near MRT drop point). I was dying to visit Elianto there again. I enjoyed that colors that I got from them before and decided i will get more. I wasn't really thinking of getting the 20pc. Palette but the BF was pushing me to get it since God know when i can visit Trinoma again. (Thanks, mahal!) He even offered to pay for everything but i told him that letting me use his credit card is enough.

Here are my new toys:

i got 18 of the colors available (P119 each pan), two of which are BOGO (P99).

for the life of me, i forgot to take note the names when i depotted them. i will look it up on the internet on the names of each shade. :) lol!

"the vibrants"

"the neutrals"

the case.. sleek black beauty.. :) sigh!

My Second Haul:
Mom and I met up with my Tita and cousin in SM North Mall last sunday. Since it has Elianto at the The Block there, i got my myself some BOGOs and the dark grey you see above on the palette. :)

I'm just crazy about eyeshadows!! :)

much love,

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