my first ever make-up stint with Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. (Mommy Power 8, MegaTrade Hall, Megamall)

A dear friend, Connie of Ellana Minerals, asked me to be a guest artist in an event she's joining in Megatrade Hall 3, Megamall last May 31, 2008 (Saturday). I was sooo scared to share this with you guys coz i had a case of "insecurity". I'm so sorry.

The event was hosted by Heath Today Magazine honoring our dear Moms--Mommy Power 8 - A Salute to Filipino Womean. :) They have array of booths pertaining to mommy needs such as vitamins for the kids, health suppliments, skin care and of course make-up! Ellana Mineral Cosmetics was honored to be a part and chosen over other cosmetic companies to be their guest. :) Nothings says Love your face than Ellana, the cosmetic that can't harm yours and your baby's skin. :)

When i got the call from Connie, i was really surprised! The belief she had in was so overwhelming that i got so nervous. I was asked to do one of the three moms that will be modeling on the stage. Wow! I truly felt so honored.

At the event, Tin was the one who was chosen for me. The look was an evening one so i made a semi smokey purple look using new and old colors of Ellana Minerals. Tin's face is so flawless, that you would think she doesn't have a six-year old son. :) I was also amazed that i had to do no retouching at all. :) her eye make-up stayed on the whole time. If you would allow me, Tin's make-up was also complimented by the celebrity host that she even asked Tin to close her eyes to see the effect. Yey!!!

Along with this, we had a few make-overs on the customers who bought from our booth. Let me just say that after each make-overs, the customers bought the items that were used on them. Our bestsellers are the no make-up look eyeshadows, the brushes and the mineral lipgloss. Also, most of the new eyeshadows of Ellana were sold out.

It was also a pleasure to meet Connie's make-up artist friend, Aileen. :) Her make-up application was truly impressive. She also gave tips. :) Yey! :) Connie and Aileen was truly an inspiration. :) Also, kuya Jun (connie's husband) is truly a patient and supportive as he answered questions of some of customers. The boyfie was impressed on how patient kuya is since the boyfie can't imagine himself doing what kuya does. :) Also, Kuya's sister was there to help out. A truly sweet and even tempered lady. I just love the whole bunch of us there! I was also able to see an old elem friend and hopefully, collaborate on making eyeshadows in the future. :)

It truly was a successful event!! One that i would do again in the jiff! I just wish that i could be more knowledgeable in make-up application. Beside Aileen and Connie, it is quite obvious that i know so little. Hehehe!!

Nonetheless, it was truly fun and i couldn't thank Connie enough for inviting me to this event. :)

Enough talk. Here's the pics.
(I was only able to take these pics coz the massive people coming to our booth gave me no time to take a pic!)

Tin, my first model! :) yey! i'm so nervous she didn't like her make-up. Thankfully, she did!

The amateur make-up artist(yeah right!) and model

that's all folks!!

much love,

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