New! Ellana Minerinal Eye Color and my Ellana Haul

New Multipurpose Mineral Eye Clorof Ellana Mineral Cosmetics.

L to R: femme, foxy, polished, stunner

L to R: knockout, confess, delicate, beloved

L to R: Spellbound, Wish, desire, felicity.

Color Description
stunner - soft-focus pale blue green with gold highlights
polished - olive khaki green shimmer finish
femme - soft pale plum with satin finish
spellbound - deep burgundy plum with shimmer finish
knockout - subtle ocean blue with satin finish
foxy - bright blue green shimmer finish
beloved - soft focus mid-tone chocolate brown, can be used for contouring
delicate - subtle beige taupe with satin finish
wish - matte brown black espresso, can be used as eyeliner
felicity - pale gold shimmer with green highlights
desire - light coral pink with satin finish
confess - soft pale rose with satin finish

I was lucky enough to try out the New colors of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. I love how highly pigmented and workable the colors are. And its so easy to use! A little is enough to achieve the application you want. I used Spellbound on my first model, Tin, and i must say that i totally love it! :)

I was able to grab most of the colors. It was easily sold out on the event last Saturday. All in all, i enjoyed this new collection. I definitely want all of them! :)

On the top of my list:


That's all folks!

much love,

P.S. Here's my new Ellana Loot

T to B, L to R: Felicity, Polished, Beloved, Foxy, Laugh(previous collection), desire, stunner
(i'm such a loser on taking swatches so to bear with me, it will be posted soon)

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