Boracay Island '08 (WARNING! ULTRA picture heavy post )

MAINLY, you’ll see evidence of my vainness. :)
I’m not great with the camera so there is no fabulous views here but enough to give you an idea that BORACAY spells H-E-A-V-E-N.

As expected, our stay in Boracay Island is again the best. There isn't much too complain (except my sunburn and I am no sooooo dark/tanned!! I will be drinking MET starting today.

DEAR GOD blessed us with a wonderful Sunny weather. The people who treated us with utmost courtesy, we didn't feel discriminated or unimportant. Rather, we felt like a couple of semi-royalties. The food is a gastronomical experience. I definitely recommend Seabreeze Resto Buffet from Boracay Regency (you get your money's worth) and Noemi's paluto @ Puka Island. If you want some great Italian food, Aria is a great resto. The Japanese/Korean girls were gawking at my tenderloin wrap with mozzarella and ham. :) We didn't try the restos at D'mall (an open shopping and foodcourt) coz it was just sooo hot inside with less air coming from the beach.

The activities were fun. We first tried the ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Boy is it heavy!!! And boy is it hard for someone who never tried any motor vehicle or bicycle even. but after awhile, you'll get use to it. You’ll go up Mt. Luho, the highest peak in Boracay. :) Honestly, it was tiring but worth every sweat and aching muscle. Going down was fun coz I was pretty used to navigating. We also visited the butterfly Farm of Fairways and Bluewater. :)
I would try ATV again next time. :) I definitely will!

The island hopping is a must for every Boracay visitor. You'll see the crocodile island, go and visit Crystal Cove and its caves, go snorkeling and feed the cute little fishes, eat fresh seafood (best crab I’ve ever eaten so far) and shop for cheap genuine pearls and precious stones. the boyfriend got me a southsea pearl necklace and earrings! Awww! They do accept credit cards for the pearls which I must say is a plus. I also got some souvenirs here for the boyfie's sisters. :)

Of course, one mustn’t forgo not getting body art like henna or glimmer tattoo. In my case I got both. They also offer hair braiding but I think it’s too much for me.
Also get a relaxing massage from the manangs for about Php200 to Php300($5 approx.) for full body massage. If you prefer bit privacy, try Pallaso Spa located at Boracay Peninsula. I can vouch for their signature massage that cost us Php499 ($7-8 approx.)

If you're in for a late snack, try the sidewalk inihaw(grillery) for cheap price. They have dried fish, b-b-q, isaw and my fave Jumbo Hot Dog! Comes in sweet and spicy variant, our 3 jumbo hotdogs is just P120 ($2.50 approx)

Try also Bombom Bar located at Station 2 near Red Coconut, a good distance away from Boracay Regency. J They offer a lot of cocktails and great reggae music. Just the right beat for the Island.

As for our hotel, Boracay Regency boasts of 3 pools. One with an bar that serves great cocktail that got me a little tipsy (melon something). Its one of the biggest hotel/resort in Boracay with great staff and great food! For 4 days and 3 nights, we were well fed, our room kept tidy and transfer to and fro were very well arranged.

We love Boracay so much that we extended our trip for another day. We played around the beach. We swam on the clear blue water and enjoyed the white sand. We had drinks and pizza brought to us from one of Boracay regency's many Restos. We lounged till we were toasted! Oh boy we were toasted. I'm sooo dark and my sunburn itches like crazy. But no regrets! Me loves Boracay and the Island sun.

This is one fabulous trip. And it wouldn’t be possible if I don’t have a generous boyfriend who may not like me buying a lot of make-ups and clothes… but pretty much gives me what I need… a relaxing and invigorating vacation.

DAY 1: May 23, 2005 Friday

1) coz i'm leaving on a jetplace

2) can't wait to see bora'!

3) Dock at Caticlan.. about to board a local speedboat

4.) Finally! Boracay Regency Hotel and Resort.. Room 383
Our King size bed, sofa and verandah.. sigh!
(we got the premiere, request for a king size bed and bathtub)

5) Super duper gigantic bed! :)

6) bathtub! my fave.. i already soaked in here after i took some pics.. :)

7) glass window of the bathroom! :) hyatt, is that you?
totally one for the honeymooners.. hihihi!

8) Our little sofa

9) view from our veranda.. :) this the new garden wing of the hotel.. the 1st floor rooms have pool access.. (baby, we'll get that room next time promise? joke!)

10) 1st stop: lunch at Paraiso Bar and Grill Restaurant(our fave resto in Bora)
best pizza in town but i'm sold on the pork liempo alone. :)

11) our 1st pic with our stomach full! :)

12) the view.. sigh! i truly love boracay!

13) Dong! our little "way" to and fro our hotel to the white beach.
hi! financer! hehehe!

14) ce'st moi!

15) Tattoo boutique besides Red Coconut

16) Because i'm crazy about him...

17) because he's a scorpio (virgo's perfect match)

18) ack!!

19) tricycle ride to our first activity

20) on top of mt. luho... you can't imagine how we got here!

21) so tired going down from the freakingly steep steps of mt. luho
(i knew i should've brought my rubbershoes...)

22) vvvvrrooom.. vrroooommm!!
ATV!! it hurts but it felt so great!!! :)

23) ghost rider boy! :)

24) Biker couples.. :)

25) meet mikki ... the "pa-mikki" hehehe

26) butterfly farm @ fairways and blue water, boracay

27) butterfly! :)

28) one for the road.. :)

29) Mikki: Papa, just one kiss!! pleeasse!!
R: hmmm...

30) shen: hurry up, beib!! please!

Day 2: May 24, 2008 Saturday

31) baby excited.. to eat at Puka Island!

32) kubo

33) the boat with a bar and sort of gondola on top.. :) sweet!

34) crystal cove

35) going down cave 1 (scared!)

36) couple's pic @ cave 1, crystal cove

37) another pic.. :) the water here is fantastic!

38) Queen of the island. lol!

39) cave 2

40) still in cave 1 (Marina's shell??)

41) cave 2..

43) another fab view.. i wish you guys were there.. haii

44) outside the cove.. :)

44) snorkeling!!

45) feeding the fish!

46) mini cave!

47) i keep taking pic of him while he was talking.. this is the most decent of the bunch

48) i'd sail next time

49) view again

50) love the beach

51) BUSOG na.. :)

52) just the two of use (before dinner)

53) FHM potential?

54) i'm making pa-sexy here!

55) waah!

56) hahaha!!

57) hehehe!

58) wacky pic of the boyfie

59) wow! macho! hehehe!

60) sleepy na? :)

61) on the big bed.. :)

62) by the veranda

63) on the couch

64) there is no excuse not to use make-up

65) Family Picture

66) Boracay sandcastle

67) Bombom Bar

Day 3: May 25, 2008 Sunday
Chilling under the Sun

68) soaking wet from the beach and the sun beating down on us!

69) uii!! pa-sexy again.. this is the reason i'm sooo dark na!

70) pa-sexy again

71) shen loves who?? hehehe!

72) ui! Kikay Pinay was here!

coz we were so toasted and sunburned.. we decided to torture our skin more!

73) Boracay Ink: Kikay Pinay

74) Island in the sun
Glimmer tattoo located at the D'mall

75) coz we had so much time on our hands.. :)

76) my Duke's paws

77) our farewell dinner

78) last moments in our wonderful room

79) Bye bye Boracay!
sniff! sniff
Lunch @ Aria, D'mall

that's all pretties!

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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