EOTNs: superhero and outer space look

hi y'all!

y'all know i'm being adventurous with colors.

the first look is the SuperHero look since the winged part reminds me of wolverine. :) i used lilylolo sample pigment and Ellana Raven on the outer V, both applied wet. :) Mac fluidline in black track as usual and tons of TFS mascara.

This second look is inspired by a silver pigment used in one of youtubes tut... :) hihi! i was supoose to use another blue but i miss using violets and pinks.. here's what i came up with. also watched Conehead on HBO so the look pretty much looks like from outer space. :)

i used Ellana smoky which is sooo pigmented and MAD eyeshadows.. :) i screwed up my eyeliner here.. i definitely need to get a more decent eyeliner.. sad.

look below on my "multi- tasking experiment! :)


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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