MAC paintpot vs. udpp vs. MAC shadestick

I received a message from a fellow Girltalker, asking which do i prefer from MAC paintpot, UDPP or MAC shadestick.

Her question:
sis shen..quessy naman what mas type mo between paintpot and udpp?? or paintpot vs shadestick?? thanksee!

Re: MAC paintpot. It did crease on me. Its not enough to contorl my oily eyelids. Especially on a hot humid day. but i find this a great base for Matte and Neutral looks. :)

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), i just love this products despite other negative reviews i've read on it. This by far made my eye make-up stay on for hours. However, i did notice that it takes the vibracy out of my eye makeup. Bottomoline, i would use this as a primer for all my eye base like paintpot and shadestick. :) and i use this more often than all other eyebase i have just for the reason that my eye makeup stay longer.

Re: MAC beige-ing stick. This Sis Aileen of Shadesofhue swears by. :) I love it since it gives the added vibracy to my eye look especially when i use sprakly or bright colored eyeshadow. :) Unfortunately, its not enough to use it as an eye primer since it doesn't stay long and creases a little despite minimal amount used.

Here are some of the pics for reference. :)

Natural Light: MAC paintpot in painterly, UDPP and MAC shadestick in Beige-ing.
see how Beige-ing enhances the e/s color compared to the other eye bases/primer.

With flash. :)

After a few hours w/flash. :) (sorry kinda washed out)
Paintpot: less staying power but for non-oily eyelids, this is a great product
UDPP: less vibracy but color is still on and can be visibly seen
Shadestick: staying power is marvelous and the e/s is still vibrant.

Reason to get one:
If i have to choose, i will definitely go for UDPP if your concern is to make your eye makeup longer and if you have oily eyelids like i do.

if you don't have oily eyelids you can choose Paintpot. :) this also gives your eyelids a smoother surface for added application. :)

if you want a good eyebase for your pressed or loose eyeshadows, go for MAC shadestick for adhesive purposes and added shimmer to youe eyelook. :)

How i use it:
UDPP: always after face primer (monistat, pureluxe,s5)
Shadestick: always after UDPP on all over lid to give my bright eyelook and smokey look more vibrancy. I apply one coat only to avoid creasing.
Paintpot: always after UDPP on inner lid or all over lid for a smoother base for my mattes and shimmery nuetrals or alone(innerlid).

To answer the question:
I would choose UDPP over Paintpot.
I would choose Shadestick over Paintpot.

Hope this helps you all!!

if there are questions left unanswered, feel free to write it on the comment section.

i am not claiming that UDPP is my HG forever. but it is NOW. I am still open to trying other products out there. :) Like Too Faced Shadow Insurance and L'oreal de-crease.


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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