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Visited Summer Lifstyle Bazaar '08


today, i got the time to visit Summer Lifestyle Bazaar at Top Shelf, Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. :) Short but a fun visit. Since i was with my Duke and Boyfie, i had to hurry chatting up with Connie, owner of Ellana Minerals. I totally love her Mineral Make-up. I even got the full size of their foundation. I just love their stuff! and to finally meet the owner was such a pleasure. :) And the hubby is ever so nice in attending and making sure everything goes smoothly. :)

They still have one day to go tomorrow (april 20, 2008) and if you can't make it, another Bazaar at Tiendesitas will be happening. Tatambay na ko dun by then!! See yah!!

Ellana Booth with the Connie, Connie's Hubby and the Clients

Connie, a fab pretty seller and owner of Ellana Minerals! :)

the boyfie and i, itallianis dinner. :)


lovers and friends

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9 fab comments

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. you and your guy look great together.


  3. Lovely couple. Are you blessed with those cheekbones or is that the art of contouring? It's natural, I can't tell!

  4. lol! i didn't try to contour by it seems that way. :) also, the smiling really helps. :)

  5. looked like you enjoyed the Ellana day :) and you and your boy looked so good together!

  6. nikki dear, i could say the same with you and keith. :)
    my boyfie is really the guy i've always imagined i'm gunna be with, attitude and looks wise. :) i'm lucky he feels the same way i do. i truly am. :)

    Bazaar was fun! :) you should go to the next one. :)

  7. i'm intrigued with Ellana... when are they opening at Tiendesitas? i might drop by since it's near the ofc lol. wow, posh dinner and fab pair! ;D

  8. not opening. they will have a bazaar there. :) the 26th of april i think. :)

  9. Hi sis, aawww..that is soo nice to hear!!! I am very happy to know you are blessed with a very loving and supporting bf :) Embrace it, keep him! He's a keeper!!! :D


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