Movie: Sex and the City

honestly???? WHO DIDN'T LOVE THE SEX and the CITY?? and if you don't, nevermind making a comment on this post. you'll just piss me off. :)

I can't wait til the day its shown here in MANILA! the bf doesn't need to come..

hmm.. movie and cosmopolitan, anyone?

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  1. I can't wait for it to be shown here. I am too, a certified SATC fanatic. Hubby told me that he will bring me to the premiere because he knows how much I love this show.

  2. waaaah! i love SEX AND THE CITY!!! and it's showing on my birthday! how cool is that lol. i dunno if i can bring the hubby to watch this movie though. haha. are you going alone? :P

  3. LOL..! i dress Sex and The City. 4" stiletto heels, short skirts, and really low tops (hooray for my breast implants!!) everyday to work. :0)

  4. awww! i wish i could do that here... :(


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