EDITED: MAC and The Face Shop robbed me of my allowance

I'm such an addict! I know!!

Its been a month since my last MAC purchase and as always, my hands (like a clock), itches when i need to buy MAC. I wasn't suppose to go but mom wanted stuff at shang. Of course, who am i to say no. So, when we got there (thanks to vallet service), i immediately went to MAC counter at Rustan's. I was only suppose to buy fluidline and MAC 219... as usual, I didn't. I gave in to Chen, the nice MUA, to purchase the Cult Fave Lip glass and the eye pencil (which i was really lemming for). I'm so sad that no black technakhol was available. I was suppose to get the lightsweep/shadester but opted that for the next next month.

As i thought, i didn't like the quads. Don't get mad, this is just my opinion. But the TRIOs of Heatherette, i will surely get. and asked Chen to save that for me na! :)

Thank GOD that my 1st 2 purchases can be paid through the CC, the other 2, i paid in CASH. my bleeding wallet is pitiful.

The funny thing was, that i was just a few hours late for the fafi launch in MAC counter at Shang. I was kinda disappointed since i was at Ortigas around 12 noon already. :( Well, i was assured that I'll be contacted for the Heatherette event. Thanks, Chen! Funny how our name soul's the same. :)

But still, i went to THE FACE SHOP to "browse" while waiting for our orders in Secret Recipe (love Ceasar Salad!). Seeing the Freshian Volumizing mascara was 265!!!!... heck, i gave in (again). got also the 20pc cleansing wipes and lotus sponge. love the freebie that comes with it. :)

I'm officially on NO BUY for the next month.


MAC (blacktrack, ebony eye pencil, MAC 219, Cult Fave Lip Glass)

lotus sponge, Cleansing wiped and Mascara. SO CHEAP!!!

I'm loving loving my purchases.. can't help not to smile when i see them. :)

I used my Fluidline and no far no regret. It dries up instantly and the application is buildable. I used my Coastal Scent pink handled taklon eyeliner.

The Eye pencil is easy enough to use. The best black e/l so far. IMO.

As for my MAC 219, Smudging is kinda a breeze with this baby. it's easy to use, i tell yah. :)

Cult fave is just the righht lipglass for me since i use a lot of bold colors lately on my eyes. :)

I love the Freshian Volumizing mascara! since i have long lashes already, this kind of mascara is the best thing in the world to give volume to my lashes. :)

The Herb Day cleansing wipes' scent reminds me of my mom's expensive perfume (it has rosemary extract). :) the Scent is glorious!! :) love it! and i think that it took most of my foundation today if not all. :)


:) :) :)

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  1. wow congrats on the hauls! i guarantee you that you will love blacktrack. ;) and oh, you got 219! do feedback ha? :D me want that brush too in the future.

  2. kakatawa ka! hahaha Bankrupt! wawa but at least you're happy!!! That's my motto in life! Happiness comes first! hehehe

    Anyways, you're lucky you were able to drop by sa MAC, I was dead tired and super busy the whole weekend, I may visit and checkout fafi tuesday night or something :) Wish me luck, hope it's not Askmewhats: BANKRUPT and FLED OUT OF THE COUNTRY DUE TO DEBT hahaha

  3. Very nice haul dear! I've been lemming for the Blacktrack fluidline but there are no MAC counters here. Poo.

  4. vi, better ask kuya to get you one. :) lol!

  5. i stay faaaaaaar away from the MAC counter in the mall, and i refuse to accompany my girlfriends to sephora. betcha i'm more bankrupt than you, though!!

  6. i tried to stay away... but i can't! but i will for the next month. :) i'm a good girl like that! lol! i think most of us here are pretty much bankrupt since we are all enablers to each other. :)


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