Shen's Addiction Second Year Anniversary + Blog Giveaway!

When I lost my mom more than a year ago, I thought that it was the end of everything and that I won't have anything left to hang on to. Aside from friends and family who helped me survive my everyday, this blog has helped me coped. I can't say that I would have been the same if it weren't for this blog. If it weren't for you, my wonderful readers, who continuously support me... I really think things would have been different and a lot less fun. Through all my sufferings, this blog is one of the places I sought solace from. I became a better person because of this blog.

More than that, over the past year, me and my blog has reaped a lot of blessings. I have met people and became friends with them who are not only beautiful on the outside but very much so on the inside as well. I'm so glad to have met all of you, here in the cyber world and real world.

There is so much people to thank but you already know who you are. This blog owes you so much. To my blogger friends who became real life good friends. I'm so grateful that beauty addiction brought us all together. I thank the companies for giving me a chance to consider their products for reviews without pressure and without having to compromise the integrity of this blog. For trusting me and giving me the freedom to do an unbiased review for the benefit of my readers. I thank my RL friends who constantly put up with my non-stop chatter about new products and events. LOL. I thank the boyfriend who constantly support me in what I do and doesn't mind the space I am taking up with all the products I buy.

Most of all, to my readers, whom became the accidental reason why I do this now. Your constant words of appreciation and encouragement moves me to take this blog into the next level and yet maintain the same things that you have come to love. You touch my heart whenever you mention that you learn a lot from my posts.

The weird thing is, I never thought I'd be here where I am right now. God is indeed good and I thank Him above all else for these blessings.

So, it is just right that I share some of those blessings to you, my beautiful loyal readers.

On that note.. I bring to you, my Second Year Anniversary Giveaway!

There will be 3 winners:
2 from the Philippines
1 from a foreign country*

The Body Shop
Maybelline Products
Ellana Minerals
Sun Life It's Time
Pureglow Minerals
Beauty and Minerals
Dollface Cosmetics
L'oreal Proffesionel
The Spa Gift Certificate
Ipanema GB collection Certificate
L'oreal Men Expert

and hopefully a lot more.
(i'm still looking for more sponsors. lol.)

You can qualify to win the said prizes if you do the following:
1. Be a follower of this blog. :) This one is pretty easy.
2. Be a Fan of my FaceBook Fan Page (found on the right side bar of my blog)
3. Be a twitter fan ( Tweet about this contest please!!
4. Blog about this Contest on your own blog (blog must be at least 3 months old.). You can post a link of this contest on your FB account as well.
5. Post on comment box a link of your blog post with your email and country you reside in and answer this question, "I'd like to see more [insert topic here] posts."
6. You're done!

Winners will be selected randomly via

This contest will run from March 20 until April 30, 2010

There you have it! My "Thank you" for your continued support!!
Can't wait to draw the winners and announce them!!

much love,

*limited to countries my PO will ship items to.
**Prizes will vary for each winner.

p.s. I have to be honest here because I'd like to know i learned a valuable lesson from the past, i hate contest looters. those who will subscribe and follow but after the contest they will unsubscribe or remove the post or following. If you are one, this contest is not for you.

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  1. Congrats on your blog birthday Shen. :-) I'm glad I have met you too. Cheers to more years of blogging ahead.

  2. Am I the first to blog about this? I sure hope so! Here it is Shen, I'm a fabulous Pinay from the Philippines and my email is I'd like to see more makeup reviews and Accessorize hauls in the future. Cheers to you and your blog!

  3. Hi Shen! I love to join your contest.

    I am already a follower of your lovely blog here.

    I am also your Facebook fan.

    I had also followed you in Twitter and tweeted about this contest.

    I Blogged about this Contest in my blog.

    I also post this contest in my FB account:!/kayeshayne?v=feed&story_fbid=381116312174&ref=mf

    My email:

    I reside here in the Philippines.

    "I'd like to see more product reviews of the make up you are using or recommend in your posts."

    Thank you and God Bless You!

  4. Hi Ms. Shen, I've been following your blog since I moved here in blogspot, although I read in your contest details that you require at least 3months of being in blogger, unfortunately, it's only my 2nd month, but I do wish I'd still be included in your great contest. Also, if you may notice that I've also joined other beauty bloggers contests, yes I have, but it doesn't mean that I'm a contest hoarder, haha. Just like you, I just love make-up so much,also doing my make-up reviews and other beauty products as well, it's a girl thing as I tell my BF, lol!

    Anyhows, Congratulations on your anniversary! You are blessed to have a wonderful man in your life and hopefully forever too :)

    I blogged about your contest:

    Following in twitter:

    Following your fan page in facebook:


    living in:
    Philippines, Makati, Chino Roces

  5. Happy 2nd year anniversary sis! I really am glad we both started blogging and got to know each other! It has been a rocky journey for you and me but I'm glad we have each other, even just for those "short events" to share what's in our mind! :) Love you sis and more power!

  6. Wow! Congrats Shen!

    Lots of love,

  7. Hi Shen, count me in ....

    I'd like to see more health topics and cosmetics review here....

    done the following:

    1. followed you.....vernz
    2. a FB fan .... verna liza luga
    3. followed you on twitter ...vernz13
    4. Blogged this contest here:
    my beloved country - the Philippines

  8. Congrats Shen! Please enter me.

    1. Already a follower.

    2. Already a fan in facebook page.

    3. Followed you in Twitter as SHOPCOHOLIC and retweeted your contest here

    4. Posted this in my blog

    5.I'd like to see more product reviews..

    khymm (philippines)

  9. Hi there! please let me join the contest~

    i've done the following:

    1. followed you (thecommonspectator)
    2. an FB fan (denise valencia)
    3. followed you on twitter (commonspectator)
    4. blogged your contest on my blog :D


    i'm from the Philippines! and my email is

    thank you very much! :)

  10. oh, and i'd love to see more reviews here :D

  11. Hello
    I am a new follower shima

    Fan of FaceBook Page Dana Ali

    Be a twitter fan shaimapassion and

    retweet about it

    Blog about this Contest here


  12. Congrats on your 2nd year here! :))

    I hope I can still join although I don't have a twitter.

    But I'll still be posting on my blog. Hope you can count me in! :)

    - Already a follower
    - Already a fan
    - I'd like to see more EOTDs and reviews.

    Posted here:

    Sofia of

  13. Hii. ENTER ME pls~~
    I'm Risya
    My Email:

    1. I'm a follower of your blog
    2. I'm a fan of your facebook fan page^^
    3. I just followed your twitter (
    4. i blogged about the giveaway on my own blog with the link back (
    5. My Blog:
    My Email:
    Country I reside: Malaysia
    Q's: "I'd like to see more make up products you are using or recommend in your posts."

    kay. hope I'll win.
    crossing fingers now^^

  14. I followed your blog :)
    I am a fan of your Facebook Fan Page - Ribka Vanessa Giovanni
    I followed your twiiter - @ilovervg
    I blogged
    I'd like to see more makeup tutorial posts
    I reside in Indonesia

    ilovevanessasomuch at

  15. hey shen, i'm joining your contest too!

    i'm a follower, became your fan on FB, and i posted this in my blog.

    i'd like to see more tutorials :)

  16. I know I've been telling you I didn't wanna join kasi I won your last contest but here I am! Sobrang nice naman kasi your prizes, who can resist di ba? :)

    So nice hanging out last night. I wanna see more tips on making the most out of brands, money (yes!) and value for beauty products and skincare/services.

    *internet hugs* sweetie! Cheers to more years of beauty blogging. Mwah mwah :)

  17. hi! I've been an avid reader of your blog, but just recently I discovered that I haven't followed your blog..

    -I followed you already.wink'

    -I'm also a facebook fan: mavic teodorico

    -also a twitter follower:
    I twitted about your contest there also.

    - I also blogged about your giveaway:

    my email add is:
    I reside in makati philippines..

    congrats again on your 2nd anniversary, and more years to come ♥

  18. 1. I'm already your follower. :)

    2. I'm a fan of your facebook fan page (Bec San Diego)

    3. I followed your twitter account (wednesdei) and tweeted about your contest here:

    4. Blogged about your contest here:

    I would love to see more product reviews. :)

    Happy Second Anniversary to your blog and more power! -mwaah-


  19. hi shen! what a great giveaway you got here! happy 2nd anniversary! already followed your blog, became an FB fan, also on twitter and blogged about this on my blog! here's the link

    also, since im a newbie at doing my own makeup, 'id like to see more of makeup howto's here in your blog'. =)

  20. 1. I'm already your follower in your blog.
    2. I'm a fan in your facebook (jessa otero)
    3. I Tweeted about your great contest!
    4. I blog this...
    5. I'd like to see more make up reviews and your updated skin care routine.thank you and Congratulation for your 2nd year Anniv!!!..
    I'm from Makati, Philippines..

  21. Darling Shen, ako rin, when I lost Mama in 2008, blogging helped me cope, too! I mean, my family and friends were great but it's also nice to know that complete strangers are out there and that they care about you. It warms the heart.

    I'll blog about your contest in my beauty blog (neglected but will start blogging again soon!). But wag mo na ako isama sa list of contestants =) Marami na rin akong beauty products masyado. I just want to help and tell people about YOU!

  22. Hi Ms. Shen! :) I'm already a follower.

    I love your product reviews, and I'd like to see more of them! (If you don't mind doing them, of course.)

  23. Oh Shen count me in, I posted about this giveaway on my blog. You can check it out :)

  24. hello ms shen happy 2n anniv by the way

    1 follower
    2 Facebook fan

    vyxscen at gmail dot com

    id like to see more product reviews,foods and events...more power po

  25. I am follower
    FB fan isherrygo
    also mention at FB on this giveaway
    follow and tweet

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

    Malaysia :D

  26. hi, i'm joining ur contest :)

    1. i'm following ur blog
    2. i'm a facebook fan. username is miabaybeh
    3. following u on twitter. username is mhiagurl.
    4. blogged abt ur giveaway:
    5. i'd like to see more save vs spend posts. (i.e drugstore makeup vs other high-end brands, foundation wars, the search for the best skincare)

    happy 2nd blogversary! :D

    -, philippines

  27. Congrats Shen! Happy 2nd anniversary!

  28. i'm a follower and email subscriber. :)

    i also follow your tweets and i retweeted. :)
    twitter name: ilaybalilay

    i'm a fan on facebook. :)
    fb name: anya mendoza


  29. hi shen! congrats! =)

    *i'm a follower and subscriber.
    *i'm a fan of your facebook page (Rose Crizaldo)
    *followed you on twitter and retwitted your post.
    *blogged about your contest

    i'd like to see more tutorials =)

    rosey (Philippines)


  30. Congrats Shen!

    Here's the link to my blog post:

    I want to see more of product reviews and tips plus tutorials!!!, Philippines

  31. hi shen,

    congratulation, wish i qualify for you contest

    a. Yes I am a follower (yoooohooo)
    C. stalked or i mean followed you in twitter and tweet about ur contest.
    d. blogged about it. "hungry to win"
    e. posted it on my fb and attached a link as well
    f. living in makati, my email is
    g...more reviews to come "AND BULLETINS ON UPCOMING WORKSHOPS"


    UR FAN

  32. Hi, I'm a follower.

    I posted about this giveaway here.

    I'm in the Philippines, my email add is frougal at yahoo dot com

    I'd like to see more reviews of products available locally, and comparison between various brands.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway and congrats on your anniversary!

  33. From the Philippines by the way. - sorry forgot about this one.

  34. Congrats sis!

    1. Already follower of your blog sis!

    2. Already facebook fan.
    Joan Joaquin

    3. Already a fan of your twitter, pinkish_23

    4. Blogged about it:

    5. I'd like to see more lipsticks posts."

  35. congratulations ms. shen
    I love reading your blog

    im a follower
    fan on fb
    posted on fb :D
    my blog couldn't qualify but I posted it anyway :D

    Im from the Philippines

    I like your fotds but i must say I'd like to see more tips and thing you learned based on related(similar to a post of yours relating to be mindful of how to spend money on makeup)...even life related :D

    louise :D

  36. I'm a follower.. Philippine resident and I'd like to see more make up for specific face of shape like for round face.. what's a good make up for them

  37. oooh im joining this bandwagon.. blog giveaways are inspiring

    id love to read more on beauty tips and makeup finds.. these are my stress relievers.

    shared on FB and tagged you too..

    more power sa blog mo!

  38. ooh i forgot..

    my email is and im from the Philippines!

  39. hi ms.shen i read ur blog a lot, gs2 ko sna sumali sa contest kya lng wla me blog eh,but nWeiZ congratulations po sna u wont get tired of blogging... more power poh..

  40. congrats to your 2nd anniversary.
    I'm a follower of your blog, fan on FB,and followed you on twitter.
    I also tweeted about this giveaway.

    I blog about this on:

    I want to see new beauty products and make up reviews.

    I'm from Angeles City, Pampanga

  41. Hi Shen! I love to join your contest.

    I am a follower of your lovely blog here.

    I am already a Facebook fan of Shen's Addiction.

    I had also followed you in Twitter and tweeted about this contest.

    I Blogged about this Contest in my blog.

    I also post this contest in my FB account:


    My email:

    I live here in the Philippines.

    "I'd like to see more product reviews of the make up you are using and affordable thrills yet high quality"

    I LOve your review on revlon photoready!i already make "pabili" kay papa :)

    Thank you!

  42. Hi, Shen! Congratulations, you have truly inspired a lot of people, not only with your makeup "guru-ness", but with your fun, bubbly & positive mindset. I've been blogging for almost a year now, and your blog is one of the firsts that I followed, and will always follow. Hope to meet you soonest! =D

    PS: I can't join since I don't have Twitter, but I will still repost. =D **Hugs**

  43. hi shen,

    congratulations, wish i qualify in ur contest

    a. Yes I am a follower (yoooohooo)
    C. stalked or i mean followed you in twitter and tweet about ur contest.
    d. blogged about it. "hungry to win"
    e. posted it on my fb and attached a link as well
    f. living in makati, my email is
    g...more reviews to come "AND BULLETINS ON UPCOMING WORKSHOPS"


    UR FAN

  44. count me in pls!

    done with your requirements:
    blog about ur contest herE:

    facebook fan: mary rose ann
    twitter follow: rosamuth, diko kasi alam san makikita ung fan dun eh.


    subcribed at
    reside from PH.

    Thank you for this opportunity!;)

  45. post it on my sidebar
    im a follower and a fan
    id like to see more video tutorials and skincare reviews

    my email add:

  46. Hi Shen, count me in ....

    Congrats on your 2nd year
    I'd like to see more and cosmetics review here. I learn a lot from them

    done the following:

    1. followed you.....Rhen
    2. a FB fan .... Karren Semense
    3. followed you on twitter
    4. Blogged this contest here:
    my beloved country - the Philippines

  47. Hello shen! Congratulations for coming this far. You really did helped a lot of girls including me.
    Every reviews, makeovers and tips you have done really amazes me. :) ok, so now im joining your giveaway,

    1. Im your follower
    2. Tweeted >

    3.Posted at my blog >

    5.Added you on my facebook.

  48. Happy Happy anniversary Shen! =^_^=
    I enjoy reading yng posts and I get a lot of make up tips through your reviews. More power to you and your blog darlin =)

    I also would love to join your anniversary give away! weeeeeeee!!!

    ♥ I'm a follower of this blog.
    ♥ I also added you in my FB account since I cannot see the "Become A Fan" link. My profile name is CoLine DiazCheng.
    ♥ I also follow you on Twitter and I have tweeted the contest:
    ♥ I posted a blog entry about your contest:
    ♥ Link has been posted to my FB profile
    ♥ I'm from Angeles City, Pampanga.
    ♥ I'd like to see more make up product reviews and I would love and appreciate if you could do some reviews about eyelash extentsions as well as nail art tutorials.

    Thank you soooo much! Hoping... :) GodBless you dear...

  49. your follower

    2. im a fan on your fanpage on facebook


    4. post to my blog


  50. I follow you ( :

    A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

  51. already a subscriber (via email)
    already a fan (facebook)
    mentioned on my FB account


  52. blog follower: heartlocks19
    Facebook Fan: ann saturno
    twitter follower: heartlocks19

    blog post:

    facebook wall:

    I'd like to see a compiled post of your Top 20 best things that you can recommend here in your blog... food, dessert, makeup products, place, etc.


    Happy Blog Anniversary!!!

  53. 1. I am a follower: Bagel Betorin
    2. Became a Facebook Fan: Bagel Betorin
    3. Followed you on twitter: chinky_baguette
    4. Blog post:
    5. e-mail address: I am from : Philippines
    6. I'd like to see more addiction on eye cream!!

  54. Hello Shen!

    Per your awesome contest, please note:

    1. I am a follower of your blog! yippee! Likewise on my blog roll even before I came across this contest.
    2. Fan of your Facebook page! Please check Javier
    3. Twitter follower ( likewise tweeted about this, sent you a copy of the tweet (@shensaddiction)
    4. Blogged about the contest:
    5. Email: from the 7,100 islands (high tide or low tide) collectively known as the Philippines!
    ...and I'd like to see more FOTD/EOTD posts.

  55. - became a follower of your blog. my name there is pouch.
    - became a fan of your FB page. my name there is paula ortega.
    - became your twitter fan and tweeted abt your contest. check out my acct at
    - blogged abt your contest at
    - my email address is and i live in the Philippines
    - i'd like to see more posts on affordable makeup and natural beauty regimens
    - thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! more power!

  56. hi, shen!

    first of all... happy blog anniversary to you! i never miss a single entry since i followed you and even backtracked a whole lot more :) and i just want to tell you that you improved a lot since you started. indeed practice makes perfect! COngratulations and keep up the good work! ",)

  57. hi, i hope i can still join your contest.

    -been a follower of this blog since i came across it, even bookmarked it.
    -already added your facebook fan page
    -finally created my twitter account, been wanting to start one and its your contest that finally made me do it.
    -already blogged about this ( and posted a link on my fb page.
    -I'd like to see more beauty-for-less posts.

  58. Hi! I've been following you for almost a year now and I've also become a fan of your facebook fan page.

    I'd like to see more product reviews and makeup tutorials.

    Here's my blog post:

    God bless and more blog posts to come!

  59. congrats shen!

    I am a follower
    fan of your Facebook
    followed you on Twitter (
    i posted it here

    Email: Philippines

    I would love to see more product reviews !

    thanks and keep on inspiring us :)

  60. Happy Second blog birthday Shen! Anyway,

    1. Been a follower for a while
    2. Just became a fan of your facebook fan page
    3. Following you on twitter and tweeted about your contest
    4. Posted a link to your contest on my blog's sidebar:
    5. Philippines
    Your entries are awesome, but I would love to see spend vs save blog posts.

    Thanks for having this contest!

  61. Hi Ms. Shen! I've been lurking (what a term) and checking out your blog for some time now, and I really like the kikay posts. Congrats on your 2nd year anniv! :)

    1. I followed your blog (Helen Blas).
    2. I became a Facebook fan (Helen Blas).
    3. I became a twitter fan (
    4. I posted a link of this contest on my FB account (
    5. Email ( and country (Quezon City, Philippines).

    I'd like to see more posts about local and affordable makeup. I like "save vs. spend" features. :)

  62. am a follower (Ellen Joy), FB fan(EllenJoyCastel), twitter fam (, and here is my post:
    The Philippines

    I'd like to see more nail art posts please :)

  63. Hello, hello

    I'd like to see more beauty products reviews (esp. those that would help us revive younger looks). You're an inspiration.

  64. Shen, happy anniversary on your blog. I want to say that I have been stalking you ever since you started and got addicted on your blog. Godbless. :D

    I am a follower for the longest time..
    Facebook Fan and Facebook friend.. hihi
    Followed you on twitter: donnarence


    e-mail address:
    maynila, pilipinas

    I'd like to see more FOTD's and beauty products from PINAS!!

  65. Happy 2nd blog anniversary! Please add me to your contest.

    1. Am a Follower [Kai|Kat]
    2. Am a FB Fan [Kai|Kat]
    3. don't have twitter. =]
    4. Blogged here:
    5. kvc [dot] 813 [at] hotmail [dot] com and I live in the Philippines. "I'd like to see more FoTD/EoTD and more product reviews."

    More power to you!

  66. Hi, congratulations again. I would love to join your contest,

    a follower of your blog,
    facebook fan, followed you a twitter.

    Blog post -

    tweet about it -

    I really enjoy reading your blog and "I'd like to see more beauty tips and affordable make-up finds posts."

    I am from Naga City, Philippines

    More power and Congratulations again.

  67. hi, congrats on your 2nd year anniversary, more to come.
    i follow your blog
    become your facebook fan
    followed you on twitter
    i blog about this
    i shared on my facebook account
    japan and philippines

    i'd like to see more product reviews and make up tutorial.

  68. Hi! you're site is really cool!

    And with that, I am now a follower of your blog,

    a facebook fan, a follower on your twitter account - ren_joy

    tweet about it -

    and posted it on my blog:

    I am from Taguig City, Philippines

    Congrats and more power!

  69. Hi Shen! Finally got some time to do this. OK here goes:

    1. Am following you
    2. Added your Facebook page
    3. Blogged about your contest on
    4. Posted a link about your contest on my Facebook wall
    5. Am from San Juan City, MM and email is

    Great contest. Crossing my fingers...

  70. hi miss shen. happy 2nd year anniversary.

    i want to join your contest.

    1. im stalking you on blogspot for so long because i love reading your product reviews. just made my blogspot account and followed you :)
    2. i am your fan on FB
    3. followed you on twitter
    4. i posted a link of your contest on my multiply site

    and also on my fb account

    5. email:
    from philippines

    "i would like to see more make up reviews and also make up tutorials"

    thank you and congratulations!

  71. You're totally right about beauty addiction bringing us all together :)
    I'm absolutely addicted to your makeup brushes reviews! I'd definitely like to see more posts about the proper way of using each type of makeup brush :) With so many different types of face, cheek, eye, and lip brushes, sometimes a few of us can't help but be confused about how each type should be used in the proper way :) That's all! Hope you're having a fun summer!

    I'm the from the Philippines by the way :)

  72. I'd like to see more product reviews especially on skin care. I'm one of those of people who research first before trying anything, so reviews are a must!

    I'm from the Philippines, here is my email: mariamasungit(at)gmail(dot)com

  73. hi shen,

    i'm relatively new in the bloggers' world. i have been reading blogs (including yours) since time immemorial but made my own just late last year and was only able to update my blog again this summer. I'd like to see more makeup reviews because i'm the kind of person who does not like to test products or swatch a lot in dept stores, as SA's can be quite annoying at times. reading blogs like yours is a big help.

    i'm from manila phils. here's my email addy:

    my blog is:

  74. sis i forgot to include in my comment earlier:
    followed you on twitter: and i am your fan in FB!/pages/Shens-Addiction/336497489187?ref=mf

  75. Hi Shen!

    Congratulations again on your second anniversary!

    Caronia Philippines

  76. Congratualations on your blog's 2nd anniv!

    I'd like to see more blush swatches and lip swatches.

    follewer here of your blog and also in twitter!

    I'm a fan on FB as well.

    I blogged about your contest here:

    I'm from the Phils.


  77. Hello Ms. Shen!

    Thanks for having a contest like this! It's my first time to join, so, I'm all too excited!!!

    I am a follower of your blog.

    I am also a facebook fan of yours. ^__^

    I tweeted about this contest and posted the link:

    I also posted about this contest and shared the link on my FB account:
    Angel Aragon

    I made a blog about your contest in my blog...
    Here's the link:

    Here's my email address:


    I'd like to see more reviews and make-up tutorials posts here. I'd also like to see more links to multiply sites where I can buy affordable but good products! ^__^

    More power, Ms. Shen! ^__^

    Keeping my fingers crossed.... Angel (angelamhiere)

  78. ehehehe... I was too excited, I posted the wrong links to my twitter and FB accounts... but I've updated them already!!! ^__^


  79. Hello Shen,

    Please visit my blog for my entry and my shot message for you :)

    Post this on FB:

    Tweet this:

    Email: simplyeffortless[at]gmail[dot]com

    Country: PH

    I'd like to see more of makeup video tutorials, your updated skincare regimen and a collection of your HG prods posts.

    Congrats dearie!

  80. congrats on your anniversary!
    that's a long time!
    im sure it will go a lot longer

    im a follower
    also a facebook fan

    i posted your giveaway HERE

    i don't use twitter

    i'd like to really see more reviews of products that are affordable but works great! i love the reviews that you made about ellana & it is affordable too! i love great & cheap finds!
    proud to be pinoy!
    philippines poreber!

  81. Hello Shen! Happy 2nd year anniversary! You've been blessed with a lot of beautiful things because I can tell you're a person with a good heart. :)

    Nevertheless, I'm subscribing to your blog not only to join this contest but also I'm lately opening up myself to the world of makeup and I'm so much having fun. I'm sure there are a lot of things I can learn from you and I'm looking forward to reading all your reviews and post.

    *Already became a Fan on your FB Page | Look for Nikki San Nunag
    *Already became a twitter fan | Look for NikkiSann
    *Blogged it! Check out my latest post here.

    *My sassy blog:
    * | Philippines

    I'd like to see more reviews, skin regimen ies & different looks SHEN! Weeeeeeh! :))

  82. Hi sweetie, happy blog birthday! :)

    count me in..
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