#LoveLocal: SO-EN Lingerie Joins Shopee's 9.9 Super Shopping Day

I got to admit, I was so happy to see SO-EN on Shopee. Why? Because I am a closeta SO-EN Girl. There's this running joke in our group that they would never get caught dead wearing a SO-EN panty. I said I was, too, but through the years, my mom's influence stuck and I just keep coming back to SO-EN! And more so after I gave birth and my bil-bil got so bad. Their fullpanty versions were my lifesaver as it just tucks everything.

I swear when I was young I use to poke fun at my mom. Well, eating my words now. Because if I do die a tragic death, I know I rest in peace because I am wearing very comfortable undies. Amen!

And with that, I am excited to share with you, my fellow SO-EN lovers, 

Shopee kicks off a highly-anticipated, action-packed, bigger than ever shopping season with Shopee Superstar Jackie Chan and irresistible deals such as Free Shipping, 20% Cashback, and Php 1 Deals this 9.9 Super Shopping Day. And SO-EN is joining the fun!


A perfect-fitting round-neck T-shirt that features the signature SO-EN reputation for practicality, quality, and comfort. Wear it on any casual occasion or activity!

Material: 60% Cotton blend

Size: Small to XL 

Color: White/Black/Skintone/Pink/Acid Black

SO-EN Dana Cooltouch Ladies Bikini

Click the link to shop

Material: Premium Microfiber

Description: Bikini with outside waist and leg garter.

Print: Printed and Plain Assorted Colors

Sizes: S to 2XL

Particulars: Available in 6IN1.

Color assortment per pack is random 

Here’s what I haven for my 9.9 haul. Ordering nit just ine but a dozen full of RUBY Ladies Fullpanty with no garter So-En panties. My mom would be proud.

I also ordered Made For Me Fullpanty. Loving my body so much right now but my flabs need sucking in and the fullpanty really does help! And that is the reason why SO-EN is a popular choice and why they continue to stay in business until now. 

I also got myself a T-shirt because you never have too many white shirts.

And last but not the least, I’m starting off Claud early with her SO-EN collection, I’m buying her children undies as well!

Will definitely share with you my haul when it arrives! But for the meantime, check out 9.9 Super Shopping on Shopee!

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