Beauty Supplements Are More Than Skin Deep

 The thing about most beauty supplements nows are that they contain more benefits than just making the outside beautiful. Collagen and Glutathione may be marketed as beauty products but they offer so much more!

Collagen for example has given me such great help when it comes to my knee joints and pain on my fingers. Now that I am going back to a healthier routine, collagen is a great way to not only provide plumper skin but it helps lubricate my joints for when I work out. It's not a fountain of youth but I do notice the effects in both my skin and joints. 

I love the taste and how it contains very little sugar to make it really enjoyable. It also contains non-dairy cream so the smoothie truly has that smooth texture I love from sweet smoothies. Now that I am watching my sugar, it is so nice that I get to drink healthier option and still enjoy it.

I decided on taking Glutathione supplements again to help my liver break down toxins. and the effects I love most out of this can be seen with clarity and a more radiant complexion.


• Infused with HIGH-ABSORPTION PREMIUM COLLAGEN  (5000 MG / SACHET)  from Japan that replenishes lost collagen as you age.

• In a delightful strawberry flavor that is not too sweet

• With an advanced anti-aging formula that decreases fine lines and wrinkles and restores skin elasticity and suppleness

• Makes hair thicker and nails stronger

• In a fast-dissolving powder formula

• Each box contains 10 pieces of 16-gram sachets

And the best thing is this BUY 1 TAKE 1 on Shopee's 9.9 Super Shopping Day!

That's not all, there's a lot of things that are on sale on Belo this 9.9 A personal favorite is the Belo Glutathione + Collagen. I've taken this supplement for quite a few years and only stopped when I got pregnant and have not been able to return since I have continuously breastfed. If you didn't know, Glutathione is good for the liver, too! And given how packed Belo Glutathione + Collagen is packed with tons of antioxidant, you are sure to reap a lot of skin-caring ingredients.

I first learned about glutathione when my Tita brought it from the staes to give to my uncle whow as suffering from liver cabn 

Just to get into the nitty-gritty, here's what Belo Glutathione + Collagen has to offer you and your well-being:

Each capsule is infused with 250 mg of compacted glutathione that effectively whitens as it detoxifies, and collagen that lifts skin from within as it provides strength, elasticity, and resilience. After a mere two weeks, behold the fairer, younger-looking you.

Active Ingredients:

• Glutathione - a master antioxidant, detoxifies the body from free radicals and has skin whitening properties.

• Alpha Lipoic Acid - anti-oxidant that boosts glutathione levels in cells

• L-Hydroxyproline - the collagen precursor, provides moisture and helps in skin proliferation

• Sodium Ascorbate - essential in collagen formation and increases glutathione level in cells

• Coenzyme Q10 -  prevents premature skin aging

• Marine Collagen - moisturizes skin as it increases collagen level

TIP: To make the smoothie a lot healthier, add fruits and blend together. You can drink the Belo Glutathione + Collagen along with your Belo Collagen Smoothie!

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