#TechTuesdays: Veger Powerbanks Review + Birthday Giveaway!

You'd think that under lock and quarantine that I won't have no use for power banks. But I was proven wrong when I realized how much I've been using my Veger Powerbanks more and more each day! It's unbelievable, really. But truth nonetheless.

Working from home has made me busier than ever. My schedule has been intertwined with taking care of the family, the home, and my work. I realize that 24 hours isn't enough time to do everything much less make sure that my phone is charged to full all the time. It's funny how I find my phone almost out of battery more now! And don't even have to tell you the times I drain it when I fall asleep on it watching K-dramas while breastfeeding!

I've come to rely on my Veger Powerbanks especially these two models that have kept me sane the past few months. So yes, this is quite the tech review that I need to make to give these power banks it's much-deserved accolades. Also, this review is truly genuine because I have tested these power banks for nearly already!

And yes, true to its claims, VEGER is "Power charge easy". I've come to rely on its quick-charging capabilities but what I'm most impressed with is its durability

Veger Palm10

I've had the Veger Palm10 for so long and it has gone through so much with me. From being dropped to being drenched in water! Yes! I did say that. This tiny powerbank is tougher than Thanos! My youngest dropped this in a puddle and after spending a night in bucket full of rice, it still works!

I'm never without it. And since my phone has been constantly glued in my hand with work and TV series, I make sure to keep it full all the time with the Palm10 by its side.

So what to love about the Palm10
  1. Durability - small but tough. Drenched in water and still, it worked!
  2. High Power Capacity - 10000mAH that can charge my unit up to 3-4 times
  3. Compact Design - tiny but stylish
  4. Affordability - ONLY P395 right now on Lazada!

VP-2003PD 20000mAh

This is one of the best tech buys in my book. It's packed with the important features a digital woman needs to stay online all the time.

What to love about Veger VP -2003PD 2000mAh?

  1. Higher than high power capacity - with its 20000mAh, you can charge your phone several times. I have never drained this one even with a whole day of use.
  2. Double USB capacity with Type C input - Great for higher end units that only accepts Type-C. Can charge your some laptop units, too!
  3. Sleek Stylish design - though a bit heavy given its incredible high power, VP-2003PD is extremely stylish with its sleek back metal aesthetics.
  4. Fast-charging! - out of all the powerbanks I've owned, this unit has charged my phone the quick and without the overheating even if left in my bag for a bit of time.

You can charge your Macbook Pro with Veger using the Type C input

And since I love all of you and I haven't given away anything on my blog for quite awhile, I'm sharing the power of Veger Powerbanks! Also it's my 37th birthday soon!

I'm giving away 
ONE Veger Palm 10 and
 ONE Veger VP-2003PD!

all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

How to join:

1. Follow @vegerpowerph and @shensaddiction on Instagram

2. Tag 3 of your friends on my veger post. Ask them to follow me and which Veger Powerbank you want to choose.

sample: @ray, @bay, @cutie, join #vegerpowerphXshensaddiction giveaway! visit @shensaddiction blog for the detail (link in bio). I want to win ONE Veger Palm10 coz I need something cute and powerful like me! 😆 

3. Include hashtag #vegerpowerphxshensaddiction


1. All accounts must be set in public
2. You can join as many times as you like.
3. Winners will be randomly chosen
4. The deadline for joining is Until Sept. 14.
5. Winner will be announced on my birthday, September 15! Woot!

I'm so glad I'll be able to do this because I really believe in this brand and love it so much it has become a part of my daily life. I hope whoever wins will enjoy Veger as much as I do.

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