Leading Dermatology Company Galderma Aesthetics Philippines Offers Innovative Aesthetic Treatment

Beauty comes in many different forms, and Galderma Aesthetics Philippines is a pioneer in aesthetics empowering beauty in all forms with a wide range of products offering a holistic and personalized treatment experience. With 24 years of experience, Galderma Aesthetics Philippines is trusted by professionals. By partnering with Galderma Aesthetics Philippines, health professionals carrying out aesthetic practice are able to grow their practice in the long- term thanks to the high quality products and an individualized approach Galderma Aesthetics Philippines offers.

As the leading innovators in aesthetics, Galderma Aesthetics Philippines has a strong heritage built on over two decades of aesthetic innovation with experience in providing patients complementary treatments that can go with any look. This holistic approach in treatment leaves patients more satisfied with their facial appearance, achieving that natural-looking results with minimal to no-harm.

Offering the most innovative products and services through its comprehensive aesthetic portfolio, Galderma Aesthetics Philippines also provides the most advanced training in medical education. One of the pillars of the broad aesthetic portfolio of Galderma Aesthetics Philippines is Restylane. Restylane is the world’s first stabilized non- animal hyaluronic acid (HA) filler used for various needs. Restylane offers a diverse range of fillers that can be tailored to any individual look, giving customers the freedom to be original.

Since its launch in 1996, Restylane has been producing innovation throughout the years, specifically through its gel technologies: Restylane NASHA and Restylane OBT. Due to the high flexibility of these products, they’re able to move with the animation of the face and are better suited for finer lines.

From Filters to Fillers

The Philippines has long been known for its ‘selfie culture’, with the standards of beauty seen through the lens of filters and photo-editing apps. With the help of Restylane, hiding behind layers and layers of filters will be turned into afterthoughts, even to the point of forgoing it.

With a wide-ranging product line of fillers, Restylane ensures to give real and reliable results within a week, with immediate and visible results as you undergo the procedure. Partnering with leading dermatology and beauty clinics and with over 200 doctors in Metro Manila, Restylane has continued to grow its prominence in the local beauty community.

Galderma Aesthetics Philippines is now expanding its presence online through their social media channels. Like and follow Galderma Aesthetics Philippines on Facebook and @galdermaaestheticsph Instagram to learn more about their aesthetics portfolio.

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