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There is no time like post child birth that a woman feels more insecure about her body. After months of pregnancy bliss, carrying a life inside her, she's now faced with a body she barely knew. There's nothing more this busy body needs than support and love. It took me a long time to get to know this body and when I did, I was proud of it.

Giving birth and breastfeeding gave me a whole new perspective about my body. It is no longer the sexual symbol it represented on TV and movies. I finally knew what they mean when they said it didn't need to measure up to a standardized beauty. It was made to make a life and nurture life. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of how well architectured our body is. So well that did not require to be a certain size nor a certain weight. Regardless, it will do what is it suppose to do to support life!

Motherhood was the one thing I wasn't prepared for, it took all my strengths and my time. It changed me so much that I can't imagine going back to the life I led before having my children. It is my calling. We know this of course... but oh to experience it.

I love this body. So much. With all her flaws and all her wonder. So I wanted to give it the best support. The support that I have come to depend on for years. And just like motherhood, Avon keeps on surprising me. They have unveiled the Avon Body Illusions that shows off our body's beautiful silhouette.

And when I saw their Ad, I knew it advocates my beliefs and aspirations. They move and hustle as hard as I do and they know exactly what I need.

If there's one thing my life deserves now is to not compromise and I must admit that Motherhood is all about that. But there are many aspects of it I can control to give my body the comfort it deserves. And it deserves an intimate wear that supports me and allows me the freedom to move around. To running countless errands and chorws, breastfeeding, teaching and working on my projects. Yes, this momma still works.

Ever since I got my hands on my Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Bra and Panty, I saw intimates in a whole new light. It was so comfortable, it didn't feel like I was wearing a bra at all... and yet, the girls are where they needed to be. Nursing a baby changes the breast and Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Bra gives me all the support I need to keep my girls in place. And to say it doesn't hinder me to also breastfeed was a welcome addition. I loved feeling good in my underwear and Sonia was the best at giving me that result.

Its soft fabric feels great on my skin. The pull-on factor gave way for easier wear and freedom from clasps that can dig in to my skin. The cup and sizing is just right even for my ever changing breast size. It is adjustable up to the edges. Best of all, the seamless design allows me to wear anything in my closet without fear that it won't flatter my figure or that it would see through my outfit. It takes out the guessing game and countless times I would need to check my strap.

It goes so well with my favorite basic wear, a plain white shirt.

While the Sonia Panty didn't look at all like the granny panties that I have gotten so used to wearing, they feel just as good! I felt sexy in it even with my stretchmarks and cellulites. Now that's empowerment in an underwear.

Another thing I discovered, it's so easy to wash these intimates. It doesn't use a lot of water (i personally hand wash my intimates) and stain from your red days will wash off easily! No stains, no marks! The underwear remains as clean as the first time you got it. This is a welcome surprise considering that it in a reality these things do happen to any woman.

And being that I hope to represent a few women out there....

I was challenged to show off this body. Naturally, I felt insecure at first... but when I saw the NEW Avon Body Illusion, I knew it was exactly the body that everyone needed to see. A mother, proud and loving the changes and with the right kind of support, there is no stopping her.

To move with freedom, to feel untethered. This is what Avon Body Illussion is all about.
And it's exactly the intimates I need.

I know I'll be raising brows posting this on my socials. But I felt it the right moment to show what a real woman look like. She's vulnerable in all the wrong places but there's strength in all the right ones and that's what matters. She knows her body belongs to her and to share it at her own terms. After all, isn't freedom exactly that? And with Avon, it always #FeelslikeFreedom.

This is post I shared and I hope I inspire anyone out there to see their body how God truly designed it. To be loved, to be supported and to be proud of.

There is no role more important to me now than being a mother to my two children. I have sacrificed and given so much of myself and yet I feel so gloriously complete. When I look at my body, I don’t see fat arms, uneven boobs, flabs and stretchmarks. I see arms that stretches out to hug two beautiful kids, breasts that nursed two lives and a belly that carried two beating hearts. I see grace in this body. I see strength more than I thought I could ever have. This is not the body you’ll see magazines and billboards, it is the one you see in your day to day, the one you who hustles as hard as you do. There is nothing more our body needs but support and love. That is why I continue to use @avonph body illusion in Sonia Seamless Bra. It hugs me at the right places. It carries me through the days I needed to be superhuman, when I have to think less of myself. No pain, no tugging, no digging.. nothing but the feel of soft luxurious fabric on my skin. At the end of the day, I didn’t feel I compromised my comfort. I felt me but better. This exactly #FeelsLikeFreedom that only #AvonPh can give. #avonbodyillussions . . . . . . . #shensaddiction #theuncuratedlife #beautyblogger #pinayblogger #pinaybeauty #blogger #bblogger #mommyshen #happiness #ig #igersmanila #igmanila #iglifestyle #igers #igbeauty #instabeauty #momblogger #MomofTwo #Empowered #Confident #WomenIRL #M
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SONIA Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra (P899) and Panty (P299) offers even more flexibility with its pull-on form factor, complete with ultra soft fabric and moulded cups. Zero hooks ensure seamless back and sides, and comfortable support even without the wires. Sizes range from S to XL. 

Avon Fashions Body Illusion is available through Zalora, Avon Representatives, or via Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more

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