You'll Love this new Gel Polish! It's Pregnancy-Safe!

This, by far, is my favorite nail procedure!

What is Gelish Poly Gel System and why is it better than acrylic and nail extensions?

It's a nail enhancement system that combines the best of hard gel and acrylic, while taking out the tediousness of the processes of these much-loved nail procedures. 

What to love?

No toxic fumes
Takes less time to apply
Safe for pregnant and lactating women
It hardens under LED Light which a safer alternative.
It is stronger but more flexible than acrylic. 
Lasts three weeks or more
and it takes only 20 minutes to remove it

Heere is how they apply it!

Gelish Poly Gel is a complete System. It has everything you'll need to create a beautifully enhanced nails.

Prepping the nail is huge part of this process.
Then the next is SQUEEZE, SLICE and ROLL of the Poly Gel with the tool provided in the kit. This duo tool has brush and a spatula at both ends.
Using the brush end, the nail tech can start moving the gel around your nails. This is especially great if you have ridges and grooves on your nails or dead nails that you want to cover up. This step is basically shaping your nails with the Poly Gel.
How it does it is with the No Slip Solution that's included in the kit. There is no odor, heaviness or heat being used. It will not harden unless it put under the LED light.
And so we go to the next step, which is to cure the Poly Gel on your nails under the LED Lamp for 30-60 seconds. A better alternative to the UV lamps.
Lastly, it is topped off with TOP IT OFF.

Poly Gel has several nail enhancing shades available:
(I tried the light pink to get that healthy french manicure look)

Natural Clear
Bright White
Light Pink
Cover Pink

How to remove?
It's a file-off system that you can file down and soak like a hard gel.

If you've been wishing to grow your nails for the longest time but find it a struggle to do so, I suggest getting poly gel done to protect your nails as it grows. Naturally this is in conjection with eating healthier, and getting your nails groomed regularly. Expect awesome results after!

Personally, I'm just really glad that Poly gel System is now available here in Manila.  I love that it doesn't compormise and it feels comfortable on top of my nails. It doesn't stop me from being a mom to a hyperactive toddler or hinder me to do my day to day.

It's the best nail enhancement out there.

Another thing I like about Poly Gel aside from it being the ultimately best and safest nail enhancing procedure out there is that my nails truly never looked so good! People started commenting on how my nails looked nicer without them realizing it's not actually my real nails. No yellowing and no more gnarly looking nails. 

For a hormonal pregnant woman, this kind of procedure is the best to keep me happy. Can't wait for my next visit!

Hopefully I get this done again at Kallista at S'Maison because that salon is sooo posh and their staff are all well-trained.

Gelish™ Polygel® is now available at leading salons nationwide, inlcuding Kallista Nail Pamper Lounge, Beauty Source Greenhills, Beauty & Butter Nail Lounge, Be Pampered Nail Studio in BGC, ECRU in Banawe and White Plains, The Spa at Reveal and Reveal Nail Lounge in La Union, Aura Salon in Uptown Mall and Katipunan, Nail Distrique in Tomas Morato.

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