EXPO KID by MOMMY MUNDO | MARCH 3 and 4 Program and Activities

Now that I'm a mom, I make sure to curate the events I go to and that usually means relying on what Mommy Mundo has in store for me and my family. Since last year, I made sure to attend Expo Kid to learn about activities that my toddler can enroll in.

Our summer is especially going to be busy this year tending to our second born so I want to make sure that Claud's Summer is worthwhile with activities that would keep her learning and at the same time distracted from the chaos that a newborn baby would bring. I'm also not sure how I would handle things when the baby arrives with active toddler in tow so enrolling Claud looks to be a good decision right now.

I had so much fun at last year discovering kids yoga, olie's boxship, and more that I can't wait to attend this year's EXPO KID!

Mommy Mundo is expert at curating the participants of their events. They offer such great array of schools and centers that we can choose from. I would like it so much if Claud finds interest in computer coding or stop motion animation in the future! Aside from discovering fun and unique activities Claud can learn, EXPO KID also have scheduled activities all throughout this two-day event that we can join in.

Check out the activities below!

For more information about the Mommy Mundo Expo Kid, visit mommymundo.com/expo-kid-2018/.

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