Why You Should Attend the Mommy Mundo Pre-school Fair

Last year was surely a pivotal year in parenting for me and the husband. It was the year we decided to enroll Claud in school and to be honest, the journey would not have been easy if not for the Mommy Mundo Pre-school Fair.

Of course, there’s the constant research online, asking friends, roaming our city for the best schools. But I gotta say that Mommy Mundo Pre-school jump-started our hunt for the best primary school for our first born.

All the best possible Pre-schools in the Metro in a single room.

With gas prices soaring high (especially these days) and the god-awful traffic, it limited our time and money to check out schools outside our district. Much more now that I am pregnant. Imagine if I'm working during weekdays, too! I realize that most school administrative offices are closed on weekends so I have to take time away from work and would feel guilty if I didn't. It would also be nice to have the husband there to check out everything with me in order for us to have a collaborative conversation on what school to send Claud. 

Having this fair allows us to check several schools in one afternoon! And I must say that the line up are some of the major and most popular pre-schoosls out there. Though high on the price tags, it was great to be able to see them up close and talk to the teachers, the representative and even get first-hand experiences on their curricula  The husband also liked the fact he can ask about the nitty-gritty details of payment. Hehehe.

The King's School Manila is one of the first schools we checked out and if we can fford it, we probably wouldn't bat an eye enrolling the kiddo here. There is so many opportunities this school can offer. World class education indeed.

Clayton Learning Center really impressed us with the patience of the teachers. And we like they had mandarin classes.

Britesparks International School really had a lot of things to offer and the location is great from my place.

Playworks is one of the best pre-school I encountered. We've had a few events integrated with their curriculum and Teacher Gabby never failed to teach something new to Claud every single time. It's just too bad that we live too far away from the school. The nearest would be in SM Aura from Pasig.

Cambridge was one of the schools that got me interested. Some of the best moms I know enrolled their kids there. Giving our contact details allowed for them to schedule me and Claud for a trial class at the branch near us.

Personal interaction and trial classes.  

The trial classes allowed us to experience what being in school felt like. Not only to gauge the kiddo's readiness but also to gauge mine. Because believe me, pre-school requires a lot of parental attention  From picking up the child from school, praparing baon, making costumes, doing homework and so much more! This is called the Active Parenting School Days.

Like I mentioned, Claud and I took advantage of trying out the free classes that some of the pre-school offered. The classes a Cambridge sealed the deal for us!

We love the teacher, the area is relatively closer to our home and Claud had immediate rapport with her classmates. She liked the progressive type of learning as well. Cambridge is a Singapore International School and known for their ability to develop highly skilled children ready for big schools.

For three days, I saw the eagerness of this child to learn and be with other kids. It made us decide to finally enroll her.

Learning of NEW teaching methods

I’m a graduate of Psychology and took a course in Child Cevelopment and still I was surprised with some of the teaching methods that are out there. It allowed me to see and study what is best for my child. I was also introduce to home schooling formally via Global Home Schooling which believe me was definitely one of my top choices last year. 

But God had other plans for us and so we didn’t push for home schooling.

Thanks to Mommy Mundo Pre-school and the many schools that they introduced us to we were able to narrow down our favorite and it’s Cambridge International School. We love their progressive teaching method. The 3-day trial classes made us love the school more and the teachers that will handle our child. We were about to enroll but unfortunately, we ran into some financial emergency that caused us a lump of the tuition. Our research online also validated our personal experiences.

Bottom line is, if not for Mommy Mundo Pre-school Fair, we would not have found that school and see how good they are. 

If you are interested in checking out the the Mommy Mundo pre-School Fair this year, it's happening on the 27th of January. This is actually the best time to start looking for school whithout feeling overwhelmed. You get to see what's out there for you and your child. Because really, the moment they step inside a school room is the first step of their independence. Your confidence in their school plays an important role in your parenting moving forward.

Heere are the details for this year's Mommy Mundo Pre-school Fair 2018!

I will see you there!

January 27, 2018
Bonifacuo Hight Street | 11 A< to 6 PM

for more details visit: www.mommymundo.com

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