Where not to stay: ACE Hotel and Suites Water Spa

Hello there, lovelies!

I wish I could start off the year with a post that you can be inspired with but unfortunately, that went down the drain when we checked in at Ace Hotel and Suites and Water Spa. My husband really wanted to make this New Year's Day celebration to be a special one. Instead, I am here in our tiny room, typing away this review. We are expecting another child this year and we want our first born to feel all the attention.

So what did we do? We booked a nearby hotel that has two things she loves: View of fireworks and swimming pools!

We have to admit though that we are on a tight budget, saving up for the baby. I felt grateful to have found this particular hotel that has two of our requirements.  I just didn't realize how badly run this Hotel is til we tried accessing their most basic amenities. Gordon Ramsey would probably shout his signature expletives a million times if he experienced what we experienced.

Last night, we were surprised that the Sky High Bar had an exclusive event that required P1888 to enter! I assumed that as hotel guests, you would be allowed access regardless. Why deny the guest the view of the metro that is the same building as your room, right. We had to beg the ladies to give us access and thankfully though they allowed us. Still we had to pay P1399 just to access the roof deck. Was it worth it? If not for my daughter who eagerly looked forward to our promises that she would see tons of fireworks, I think it's not.... The Sky High Bar really didn't have that much view. I seriously feel like crying now that I think about the additional money it cost me and my husband.

I just wish that Ace Hotel and Suites would give their guests priorities on this regard than milking more money out of so many people.

I understand that it's a "Spa". But by all means, the Water Spa is still what you would commonly call a swimming pool regardless of how you describe it. Denying access to hotel guests to look after their child (even in proper swimming attire), I find seriously ridiculous. It's unheard of even. I've been to some of the best hotels in the Metro (The Peninsula, Solaire, Sofitel, Ascott and the posh Shang-rila at the Fort) and none of them has ever made me feel the way Ace Hotel and Suites has made us feel.


We booked a Queen-size bed but was given a double bed.

and our newspaper is yet to arrive.

At every turn, there is additional charge. Checking in felt like you're only allowed to stay in your room! It's so frustrating! Blame it on the pregnancy hormones but if not for my beautiful family, I would consider this a bust staycation.

A child pass is worth P2501!!! A spandex for men, P100. Because God forbid you're not in a proper swimming attire when you enter the spa area. In BOLD letters, you will be asked to leave if you don't abide their rules! And OMG that ridiculous P1,888 pesos entrance fee for a NEW YEAR'S EVE Party that requires in-house guests to pay!  What a way to welcome your guests!

Breakfast buffet wasn't even worth it. And I'm using my own LTE signal with how slow their wi-fi is.

I wish that they would be clear with their policies that guests would not feel like guests in their hotel.

I certainly don't wish this upon any one else. This is by all means not a rant post but fair warning to you all.

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