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Just Jewels, one the most trusted jewelry company in the Philippines launched it's online shop site over at Let's check out that they have in store online for us!

The website is minimalist, making the jewelries stand out immediately the moment you enter the site.

I find it very admirable that Just Jewels built this website from scratch amongst it's team of digital experts instead of piggy-backing on sites like Shopify.  It is a little more expensive of course to build one on your own but in my expert opinion (I worked for a digital marketing firm), it's safer and you do have better control when it gets buggy overtime. I can't imagine being a customer, having trouble online buying an expensive jewelry and the website going kaput.

Just Jewels certainly have the same sentiments as I do. Since they over high quality gems and jewelries, it is very important to them to ensure the website is it tip-top shape. 

The website is easy to navigate. On the tops, you just have to click on the Shop button to get directed to the products they have available online. It's categorized in necklaces, bracelet, set pieces, earring, rings and pendant.

Price, code name and type are on the products page immediately. That's a good choice to make. It's convenient to easily click Add To Cart if you like something at one glance.

But if you want a closer look, you click the specific jewelry for the other details it has to offer.

Here's what I love aside form the design any easy navigation

1. The option that you can either have your purchases delivered or you can pick it up at any of their branch. Isn't that awesome? At least for us who are extremely paranoid! Hahaha!
2. The designs are beautiful. I particularly go for the subtle jewelries but I do like them sparkly so I was pretty pleased to see that Just Jewels had a lot of them available online.
3. Finally, a jewerly online store that has affordable ( well, as affordable as they can get) is now right at our fingertips!

BUt like all things, nothing is perfect, here are my wishlist for the website:

1. Layman's terms product description for people like me who are not particularrly adept to diamond/jewelry lingo.
2. Sizes for the rings, illustration of how long a necklace would be helpful
3. More photos of each product would be more than appreciated

There's more to love about Just Jewels. Just look at these designs that will soon be available on the site.

Experience Just Jewels online, visit

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