#CamillaClaudette Loves Kidzooona! #KidzooonaWalterMart (NEW Toddler Area)

Did you know that Kidzooona is spelled with three O’s? I sure didn’t!

I only knew about it when I went to Kidzooona Walter Mart Makati. We went to check out the newly built toddler play area and it's sooo nice! Kidzoona is our favorite play place in the Metro. I love that everything there is padded and it’s always so clean and oh-so colorful. I consider these playplaces as a sort of adventure for Claud. Like other kids, she marvels at this place. It's a great place to bond with your kids.

Kidzoona is operated by Aeon Company here in the Philippines and it’s birthplace is in Japan. Did you know that they have over more than 10 locations now? With SM Fairview being its largest? It puts to shame the 4 locations that we visited. Ang dami pa pala naman pwede puntahan. Hahaha! 

Kidzooona is what they call an Edutainment place. I have to agree coz every visit is fun one and I get to teach Claud a lot of things whenever we are there. I see Claud grow with every visit and every corner seems to be a place that truly entices curiosity. As a parent, I advocate learning while playing. I’ve proven time and again that letting her experience things encourgaes her more to learn and appreciate her surrounding. Imitating real-life situations prove to be a better learning technique that improves her knowledge. I love that learning became fun for her at this age.

This is the new toddler area which is actually what I've alwayds wanted in Kidzooona. We only got to visit Kidzooona when CLaud turned 2 because we thought that it's for bigger kids. I'm glad that they are putting more areas that toddlers can play in so families don't have to go elsewhere.

Here's an SDE video of her enjoying Kidzooona Walter Mart:

The ballpit, jungle gym and slide is one of my favorite places. This one always reminds me of my childhood. I find it relaxing just lying in it. Sometimes, I feel like visiting Kidzooona by myself just so I can stay in the ballpit area. But that seems creepy. Hehehe!

We've been to a few Kidzoonas and I really like the role-play area. Now that Claud is three years old, she prefers this area more. This is where we get to practice counting, identifying colors, shapes, fruits and vegetables. We get to play lutu-lutuan and more. It's a great way to bond with the cutie!

This area provides a lot of tools for learning, from textures, puzzles, and more.

Claud is as happy as she can be and as a parent, that's all we truly want for our children.

Another thing that I love about Kidzooona is the interaction with other kids of all ages. Claud is an only child and she ony gets to interact with kids in her school. This way, Claud gets to meet other children and practice her social skills. It's amazing to see how children do not discriminate. It truly is refreshing to see them enjoy each other's company even if it's just their first time to meet. #ThisIsHowTheWorldShouldBe

Well, there's more surprises at Kidzooona! Like this dance number! Just look how much fun the kids had because of this srurpise visit from the Kidzooona mascot.

This is Ate Kim! Claud loves her! 

Kidzooona has this small ballpit for babies! Because yes, the big ball pit area can be a little bit scary for our babies. This one is what I would call, just right!

Shoe locker is abundant!

So is the bag locker!

Sanitize before you enter the play area.

 Don't forget your socks! Just in case you did, they have it available for sale at the counter!

To be candid with you, I love going to Kidzooona because it gives me a little bit of ease in caring for Claud especially when it's the helper's day-off. It keeps the toddler entertained! So much so that they use up all their energy that we go home with a tired and sleepy toddler after. 

Find out more about Kidzooona and their offerings at www.aeonfantasy.com.ph

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