At Home with Favori Home Fragraces

Now more than ever that I appreciate anything that would help me relax. I have embarked on a domestic journey for the past few days and a breather is out of the question. Making a home is not an easy task with an energetic toddler in tow. I salute all women out there who devote all their time to their families!

Despite of the craziness, I can't tell you enough how fulfilling life is for the past few days. So when all is done and accomplished, I claim my me-time and it's turning on my Favori Home Aerator.

I know I’m such a tita for this but mint is my jam. I hoarded all the mint scents available from Favori to turn my evenings into a spa-like experience no matter how late it is. At the end of the day, I attend and reward myself with a nice hot bath, slather lotion all over my tired hands and body while I breathe in my minty scents that surround our room.

My prefered blends are Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Winter Mint. Along with that I also have a nice collection of other scents I can choose from.

I suffer from allergic rhitinitis and asthma so I always welcome the scent of mint as it clears my nasal passageway to help me breathe easily. I was told that Favori scents are good with people with allergies, it being soluble, too. Favori scents smell luxurious, long-lasting and has AntiBac properties that kills desease-casing bacteria. Other home fragrance oils can't do this!

What's great about Favori scents is that you can layer, mix and match them according to your preference or choose from their over 30 unique mixes that suits you.

You can return the bottle and earn yourself a discount on your next purchase! How awesome is that?

When I visited Favori at their kiosk in Megamall A, I noticed that they have more products like diffusers, burners, Room Sprays and they have a lot types of aerator for any kind of room. What caught my fancy was their car aerator. It was sooo cute and I think would do well on my vanity and car. Of course I bought one!

Their scent collection is also massive. They have about 31 scents you can choose from and they have these unique mixes that I would never have thought of. Here are some of non-minty varieties that I'm loving.

Apple Verde | Choco Almond | Citronella | Fresh Cut Glass

Having a Signature Home Scent

I made sure that even if our home is simple that it would be one what my husband would look forward to come home to everyday! That's emulating a hotel or spa-like experience, clean crisp bedsheet, airconditioned room and a signature home scent. And so far it's working since he barely goes out with his friends after work.

So like Shangri-la Hotel, Power Mac, Lush, our house has a signature scent and that my current fave from Favori, Winter Mint.


Aerators are easy to maintain, I like to change the water everyday if I keep my mine operating all night. To clean the spinner, just use a smooth cotton cloth or tissue with a bit of water and alcohol to remove excess scents lingering while you can simply wash the bowl container with regular dishwashing liquid to remove residue. I advise to do this at least every other use so the bowl won’t turn cloudy or murky. 

You can find Favori all over Metro Manila. There is one near you for sure. Make coming home a fun experience! Find your signature home scents today!

Car Aerator - 1600 (comes with free 5ml scent)
Scented Oils - 2 for 1000 + free 5ml (limited choices)
Green Aerator - 1500 (comes with free scented oil)

Favori is located at the following locations:
Market Market, SM Megamall A, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall

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