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I noticed my first wrinkle when I was 29. I noticed the lines under my eyes at age 25. Despite being a beauty blogger immersed in a world of beauty, skincare and makeup and all these learnings that wrinkles and fine lines are bound to find... i failed to listen. I used anti-aging a little too late.

Don't be a victim. Take anti-aging skincare seriously and some more! Studies and researches don't lie, aging starts at your's 20's.

And don't fall for that notion that Filipinas don't age. You may look young in a sea of women all over the world (as most Asians do!) but in here in the Philippines, if you don't start caring for your skin and changing your lifestyle, you will be the oldest-looking Filipina in the crowd. 

Vanity-aside though, a good regimen and a healthier lifestyle bring certain confidence that allows you to feel good about yourself. When you do, accomplishing your goals will be easier. 

L'Oreal Revitalift is on a mission and they are targeting all Filipina women to prevent aging instead of having to deal with them in the future. During an afternoon event they held for us, I learned so much about taking care pf skin, eliminating bad habits and creating a regimen that my skin will love and benefit from.

Did you know that the neck is part of our face? Dermatologist sees the face and neck as a whole and they recommend that we address our neck, chest and backs of our hands as we would our faces and apply the same face products to these areas. These parts of our body are dead giveaway of our age.

The certified Philippine Dermatologists that L'Oreal invited spoke in length how important it is to take care of the skin from inside out and to use products that target skin concerns. It's was refreshing for a dermatologist to tell that by being in the event and having our skin analyzed is already a step closer to youthful looking skin.

Here are more of their advice that I am taking to heart to stop aging at its tracks.

Start with the eye area. 

Since our under eyes definitely tends to be drier (even for women who have oily skin) it is important to apply products here first to allow the product time to seep through the skin. This is also the most movable area in our face. Avoid squinting to reduce the formation of crows feet.


It is no joke that the UVA and UVB are the worst culprit in skin ageing. Use a sunscreen that's packed with SPF. They is no time too late, begin now and prevent future skin damage with just a simple as a sunscreen product.

Go the healthy route

A moment on the lips, a lifetime not only on the hips but on our akin too. We are what we eat and choosing organic and natural ingredients for our meAls, or as simple as ditching the sugar-laden soad for a glass of refreshing H2O can make a huge difference,

Less stress

Easier said than done. Mari Kondo, not only your closet but also your outlook in life. Surround yourself with things that only spark joy in you and your skin will look radiant. If going through a rough time, give yourself a deadline and find a way to increase the endorphin level in your body. Mine would always be dancing in a Zumba class! 

Adopt a skincare regimen!

Head out to any of the 60 beauty hubs of L'Oreal and get your skin analyzed. Treat your skin for some aesthetic TLC with the new Revitalift line that contains ingredients that will target skin aging skin deep! Treat yourself yo a makeover and get a new look (Parisian Fierce perhaps). L'Oreal is treating you by offering the Revitalift line for as. Low as 999 for the Revitalift X3 laser! The laser in a jar that has kept The Dawn Zulueta looking younger to this day! 

What makes L'Oreal Revitalift awesome? 

The 3% Pro-Xylane an ingredients that's been proven to stimulate collagen formation that makes skin appear and feel plumper with frequent use. This is a result of 14 years of research that we now can enjoy. Say hello to smoother, more hydrated looking skin in just a little over 4 weeks.

With fellow beauty bloggers Angela, Earth, Martha and Shari.

Look fierce even if you're 30's, 40's or 50's.

L'Oreal Revitalift is inviting on July 30 to viti Mega Fashion Hall Atrium at SM Megamall.
L'Oreal Revitalift will retail for Php999 to give every woman a chance to try this awesome anti-aging skincare line. You always get a chance to get a makeover, skin consultation to personalize your regimen and more!

Worry not the missed years you've done nothing for your skin. Rather, think of what you can do right now to maintain your youthful look. It's never too late!

You know you're worth it!

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