Food Review | Pi Breakfast and Pies at The Grove, Rockwell

I found a new place to eat breakfast 24/7 at the new retail area of The Grove Rockwell. The Grove is pretty much a stone's throw away from our condominium and I was glad to see my community grow with more interesting restaurants and not just run-off-the-mill fastfood chains.

Pi Breakfast and Pies offers traditional and innovative breakfast plates, sandwiches, waffles, and even grains! And naturally they offer signature pies that they make fresh and from scratch. Writing about this actually makes me want to hit up the resto ASAP.

I discovered this quaint resto when I asked my cousin to picked me up at The Grove. While walking and inspecting the restaurants in the area. I wanted to eat something that would tide me over the travel. We were actually on our way to my tita's restruant in Marikina for dinner so I don't want to completely ruin my appetite. Pi's Pies menu looked enticing and it's priced affordably. I had a tough time picking out the kind of Pie I want ed- everything seemed so yummy - but Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée Pie was too good to pass!

Ugh! It's soo good!

The decor is homey. It looks like a baker's shop but also like nice homey kitchen worthy of a feature in magazine. It has a faux sunroof that lights up the whole place. I especially like the comfortable chairs. Waiters were attentive enough within being too "in your face."

Their ALL-DAY BREAKFAST MENU are what dreams are made of. Well, it's your dreams consists of hot breakfast plates, then you would definitely like it here.

Kid Friendly plate is the Bacon Mac & Cheese and waffles.

Here I am enjoying my first pie after a looooong time! You can really taste the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee i (Php125) is not overwhelming. I would have this again!

The family and I returned the next day for brunch. I told one of their staff that I would be back because I know that this restaurant is something my family would love!

Major treat for Claud is this Banana Nutella Cream cheese Waffle (Php165)

Claud is at her picky eater stage and it's been a pain feeding my little curly Sue. But not when she saw this tower of a waffle. Albeit she couldn't finish it (the serving was too big even for regular person), she enjoyed licking off the Nutella and nibbling the bananas and waffle.

I would cosider this a dessert than breakfast. So I'll definitely order another item for Claud next time.

I had the Ultimate Bacon Rice (Php365) - Bacon is life, of course!

I was torn between this and the Caramelized Spam after one of the staff mentioned it but my heart was set out for this as soon as my rice spotted it on the menu! And it deserved the christened it's name because the plate had 3 just right slabs of bacon. It reminded of Poco Deli's Bacon Slab. But I much prefer the slice on Pi's Ultimate Bacon Rice that the thick ones served in Poco Deli. That one has a suya factor while this still has the crunchy texture you look forward from a bacon. 

The portion is a bit too much for when I got to my third slab. And to think I built an appetite before we went to the restaurant! The bacon jam on the side was really good and it was paired nicely with the scrambled eggs. The eggs were so good that even my daughter couldn't get enough of it.

The husband ordered the Pinoy Breakfast Platter (Php325).

He likes everything except for the longganisa. He said that it's not the usual longganisa that he usually expect from pinoy plates like this so that pretty much stayed on his plate. Other than that, he enjoyed his meal! he aprticualry noted on the generous portion of the platter and the yummy atchara.

Pi Breakfast and Pies is definitely a restaurant I would go back for to spend quality time with my family while enjoying hearty meals. I still want to try a lot of dishes and their menu so expect a follow up post. 

Oh! You have to try the Cranberry Celery Cooler (Php75) ! It's soooooooo refreshing - and healthy, too.

Pi Breakfasts and Pies is located at The Grove Rockwell (open from 7AM to 10PM) and Teacher's Village, Quezon City.
You can also find out more about them by visitng their facebook page

P.S. Parking is adequate at The Grove and restaurants validate for now. Yey to free parking!

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