STEM Learning Summer Classes for Toddlers at Engineering for Kids Manila

Motherhood is making me witness a whole new world I never knew existed. I'm discovering my daughter's world first hand and it's wonderful. We recently visited Engineering for Kids in Katipaunan Ave. with an invitation for Claud to do trial class of their SMILE Toddler Program. This program is for 1.6 to 4 years old. It's homegrown and created by SMILE Philippines as an initial introduction to STEM learning.

This is the very first school or educational program we introduced to Claud. I am not really in a hurry to teach Claud the ABC's and the 123's. What we are learning at home now is character building and Godliness. I try to nurture Claud's eagerness for learning through coloring and drawing but as a parent, it is not something I would impose anytime soon.

What I realized though when we stepped inside the colorful room of Engineering for Kids was Claud's hunger for interaction and her hunger for space. We live in a condominium and space is definitely an issue for a growing toddler with so much energy need to be released. Claud quickly attached herself to the teachers and was all too excited to play with all the educational materials available. She was exploring, testing her boundaries and it was a joy (with mild frustration because she kept running around) to watch her in this kind of environment. I learned that she doesn't have strangers anxiety at all. She let her teachers hug her, played with classmates and yes, stole food from them, too! 

It got me thinking that maybe this is something I can let her do. Engineering for Kids and SMILE focuses on STEM education (that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for people like me who didn't know what it means. hehehe!). When I saw what it meant, I swear I found it a bit daunting. I thought it's too early to introduce my almost 2 year old to something so complicated. Never would I ever want Claud to feel like she needs to do great in these subjects. 

But when Teacher Connie started to explain that their curriculum is rooted in making STEM interactive and fun to learn, I was interested to find out how they will do it. A parent would always be eager to learn ways on how to making education fun and easy for their children. Specially for people lik me who didn't particularly excel in school. And it's true that you would always want the best for your child in terms of education.

The Smile Toddler Program has FOUR Subjects/Curriculum you can choose from:

1. Around The World - their aim is to teach children the basics of engineering by introducing to them different modes of transportation. Claud and I learned how to make a rocket ship! With a just a few materials, with a fun and engaging teacher, the children got involved quickly in this tutorial.

2. YogAlphabets - children are introduced to this relaxing exercise by forming letters with their bodies. And they even included the mommies!

3. STEM Literature - using story-telling to introduce learning and exploration. Children are introduced to animals and their habits. Naturally, they are learning about Nature, too!

4. Making Senses - children learning to appreciate their senses and learn and care for them. Claud love the flour doh they made! I didn't have picture for this one because Claud was trying to eat the doh! LOL!


Suffice to say that the whole afternoon was pretty packed for this kind of trial class and my daughter didn't know what to do with herself from all the new things she was seeing and learning! As in ang saya-saya niya! I've never seen Cluad so engrossed so many many acitivitie. And what's awesome is that the children are learning in the process. Playschool, indeed.

Each class also has 6 students with 2 teachers that supervise them. Assuring us parents that our children will get the attention needed. 

But the cherry on top, continuous learning like this teaches my child to love Science, Technology and Math. I grew up dreading these subjects. I was so bad at them that I would be required to take remedial courses in grade school. They are worst than Freddie Kruger, Sadako and the Undin combined for me. These subjects lowered my self-esteem and they made me dislike school. I really don't want that for Claud when she grows up. What I noticed with SMILE and their EFK program is really making STEM an interactive learning with fun activities and making it a daily part of thr child's life. After all Science and Math is all around us. From cause and effect, to measurements.

The trial class showed me that I could provide a different experience for Claud. And sometimes that's all a parent wants, to make a difference in their child's life. 

After seeing all the photos I took and having a husband who is so good in Science and Math, my husband and I decided to enroll Claud for the Making Senses and STEM Literature programs. The fees are really affordable! 

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If you're a new parent like me who unsure yet what you want for your child, Summer Programs will surely help you decide what you can do for your child. Personally, I would still not rush Claud's development but will encourage her through programs wherein I know she will be happy in.

SMILE Center is located at the Unit G 3rd Floor, Linear Building, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. 
It's right across Pan de Amerikana. It's the Building with BPI in it and near St. Ignatius Village, Katipunan Gate.

You can contact them at the follwing numbers, 029754867 / 09175518705
find them also Facebook and instagram,

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