Girlstuff's Summer Worthy RAVE Neon Polishes & UV Topcoat Gel

Do you still remember the days when RAVE parties were all the rage? I did a few sneaking around when I was a kid and attended underground Rave parties, jumped to music that typically sounded alike. Looking back, I'm glad I was able to enjoy my childhood so now I can fully focus on becoming a mom and a full-fledged #TitasofManila.

But fellow Titas like me had a another plan in mind. I received an invite from the President of #TitasofManila, Nikki Tui of to relive my glory partying days as they launch GirlStuff's very first roundup collection for 2016, RAVE nail polishes! It's a collection of NEON polishes to my delight!

Dr, Janina, the brain and beauty behind the brand GirlStuff, told us that it took them a long time
to answer many of their client's wishes to come out with neon colored polishes because they were finding a way to create one without adding harmful ingredients. Apparently, regular neon polishes contain double the harmful chemicals in order to get that high fluorescent shade we all want. And these ingredients will not pass BFAD! Yikes!

But Dr. Janina is not one to bow down to a challenge so she and her team never stopped trying. And with that, we reap the rewards because we can enjoy a bright fluroescent shade of blue, pink, green and yellow that is also free from toulene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor! 5-FREE is the way to go with your polishes if you want to keep them strong, white and smooth!

TIP! I've tried neon polishes before and they apply very translucent. To get that full neon intensity, use a white nail polish as base. Allow to dry and then apply your choice of neon polish. I super love Chili!!

But what there's more, aside from Rave Collection. GirlStuff also launched it's Solique UV Glow Top Coat Gel! It's the darling of the crowd since we can see it's full loveliness and effect under the blu and black light of Relik. Here's my nails with the UV Glow Top coat. So pretty!! 

And added bonus, this is not a typical topcoat! It's a gel-like formula that helps nail polish last longer!

It was really a fun event but the Tita in chose to sit tight and watch the event unfold. I'll really tamad na gumalaw in parties! Hahaha! Good thing my nails kept me. And I was just checking it glow.

I definitely encourage you to get this top coat! Not only is this more affordable than other nail polish brands, it's also the safest out there for you and kiddos. Personally, Girlstuff is the only polish I let Claud wear. I really feel confident that my daughter's nails are safe in their hands. Besides, with all the parties you'll be enjoying this Summer, have your nails glow, too. At dapat pati your cheeks and personality, di ba?

In the meantime, Tita Shen sits in the corner to make bantay and make sure makauwi ka ng safe. LOL! Maybe if they play the song Ever After or Blue, I might join you on the dancefloor. #juicecolored

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  1. Impressive nail polish! Thank you for your post! It is good to know that this nail polish is created without adding harmful ingredients. That 's why it is important to buy a nail polish that is trustworthy and BFAD approved.


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