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Did you know that flamingos are not naturally born with pink feathers? The reason that they are this perfect rosy coral shade is because they eat lots of shrimps and algaes. Showing only that we are what we eat. Much the same as eating a well-balanced diet gives us glowing skin and rosier cheeks.

But if you are still not ready to let go of the carbs, don’t fret. MAC's latest collection will give your skin  the rosy look same as lovely as a flamingo. Welcome to the PH, MAC Flamingo Park, I had an awesome time strolling, seeing friends and trying out your pretty pink collection.

Just look at them blushes! Aren' they purrty? If you are still on a hunt for pretty pink blushes that ranges from pale pink, mauve to coral, this collection is for you!

This Could Be Fun and Let's Be Friends

The lighter blushes like What I Fancy really gives that glow you want without the strobing highlighting effect and it leaves a nice flush. For the deeper shades though, it is definitely pigmented and shows immediately on the skin. Summer is a best time to use these blushes. My experiences with MAC blushes in the past years dictate that this will stay on for a whole day and the pay-off is always good.

Life's A Picnic and What I Fancy

Don't even get me started on the lipsticks in this collection. I went straight to the makeup counter and had Bennie apply Have Your Cake because I wanted to see how it would look on me! It's almost like Flat-out Fabulous but move purple that is flattering to my NC30 skin tone. Basta ang ganda niya

Nice to Meet You, Be Silly, Have Your Cake, Long-Legged

Now if you're still finding an excuse to get Please Me. The excuses stop here. The most perfect soft pink that is truly matte is a repromote in this collection so better get your hands on it ASAP. Who cares if you have tens and thousands of pink matte lipsticks, right? 

Please Me

The popular shade though is Be Silly, a bright red/pink lipstick. So many girls at the event were wearing this but my heart went out to Have Your Cake. All this talk of sweets got me craving for sweets all of a sudden! Ugh!

Pucker up!

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When was the last time we played with pigments? We're so caught up in a world of mattes and flats and shine-free finish that this wonder product seems to be a distant memory and we forgot how beautiful things we can create with these beauties. I forgot the lovely chromatic effect it has once it's on well-based lids. And pigments are versatile! So versatile that you can use this all over: lips, lashes, body, face and even hair. What got me drooling was Tan.

Tan Pigment

Pink Swoon and Spring Flock

Oh! If only we got to take these all home. But I'd settle for a few for now. Bee lining straight to the nearest MAC counter. Tata!

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  1. waaah! I love the shade of Have Your Cake. I have please me and I always feel mabait when wearing that. the Have your cake shade has that "umpf" vibes. haha


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