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Last March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. My Facebook page and Instagram were flooded posts about everything women and womanhood. I read some of their stories, their inspiring words, and their achievements. So many women all over the world made their lives mission to make the better world for their fellow women. These women are fighting for our civil rights, women fighting for fair wages and women helping women. How can the world be so helpless with these people doing everything they can?

I’m just so proud to be one of them and inspired in my own way to do the same. Mine may not have that same impact but every efforts count that much I know. Being a mother has took so much of me and I can’t believe how women all over the world are both fighters and mothers at the same time. How do they do it?

Then a thought came that women, unlike men, are not afraid to ask for help. Women is probably the only specie in the planet who are not afraid to as, for help. I know some of you are laghing because it’s true! What is deemed our weakness is actually our strength.

What’s that quote again? “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” We may be able to run our mouths for a day with our friends but once we are deadset on accomplishing anything, we will! And I think one of the reasons that we do is because we are not afraid to delegate and ask for help. We are honest enough to admit that we can’t do it all.

So don’t be surprise if we have so many things and we hoard on them, too. We need all these because we are busy saving the world. #GirlPower

Sharleen expressing her gratitude to all women who patronize Mustela.

Sharleen Cu-Unjieng and Tammy Tancino | The two women who made our lives easier with Mustela from France

People that come to mind right now are Tammy Tancinco and Sharleen Cu-Unjieng  of Mustela Philippines. These two incredibly hardworking women are both spiritual and devoted mothers to their kids and to their brand who gave us  the help we badly need. That’s giving the best care to their children and to  ourselves.

It’s always a revelation whenever I see these two women and see how far they’ve come and how much they have helped women by bringing a great brand here in our country. And now they came out with the brand spanking new collection of Mustela Maternite for pregnancy and post-pregnancy skin care.

Getting pregnant is such a pivotal moment in a woman’s life. It’s exciting and filled with wonder knowing your body is nurturing a life. But at the same time it can be daunting and scary. And even with books, classes and blogs, nothing can truly assure you that what you’re doing the best you can for the child. You can only have faith that you are doing things right.
These are my testimonials and to be perfectly honest, it didn’t end there even after I gave birth. Having a child changes you. And in the process of it all, you learn to acknowledge you can’t do it all.

Stretch Marks

That baby bump is the cutest until there are veins crawling up like the walls put around the forest by Malificent. I consider mine my battle scars and I’m proud but it still isn’t a pretty sight. Mustela’s  Stretch Marks Prevention Cream is now more improved by adding Galactoarabian that stimulates the skin to create more elastin and collagen to fight stretch marks formation. Our expanding belly is a beautiful sithing but our skin may not be as ready as we are for it. Help ease it in pregnancy by applying this cream religiously. I know friends you used this like crazy and they have little to no stretch marks at all

Use the Cream during the day and the Stretch Marks Prevention Oil at night. The oil its more potent as it contains 100% natural precious oils like pomegranate, avocadoes, rosehips and baobab seeds that improves skin’s elasticity. It also contains Lupeol from Lupine seeds that stimulates skin’s collagen production.

Light Legs or Fatigue Legs

Carrying all the life inside you can be an exercise on its own. Even if you’re fit or you’re as laz I am your legs will surely get tired carrying all that cuteness! What can get you through is applying (or let the husband to do this! #freemassage) Light Legs that has Avocado Peptides that soothes and calm the skin and your tired Legs.

All About the Bust

Another thing that would totally change is the size of your breasts to ready itself for one of the best moments with your child. That’s breastfeeding!  Not to mention that you’re hormones are going crazy during the whole pregnancy process.  Using Bust Firming Serum tightens and tones the breasts as it goes through all these changes. It will maintain and even improve it. Combine it with Body Firming Gel you help your body normalize it’s shape in no time.

And if there is someone who epitomizes a woman who can do it all, meet Cat Arambulo-Antonio who is a multi-faceted woman which businesses she run, a blog she shares her life, a mother of 2 and a devoted wife. Everytime I see her, I just sigh.. because she's amazingly inspiring.

But Cat is not the only woman that inspires me. My friends who make my life more colorful and memorable, too. 

With Tammy, Krizzey, Char and Louie - just a few of the women I admire and consider as friends
A woman’s body is going to go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. It’s mission is to do everything to nourish the life growing inside her. And sometimes, it takes a toll on the body. From falling hair,less skin elasticity and dry skin and even weight gain. This can all happen all at once and it can tke a toll on our confidence to be able to care for our child. This is the best time to get some help and that’s where Mustela Maternite comes in. You can use this all throughout your pregnancy and even after as you continue to care and even breastfeed your child. Yes, all these are safe for breastfeeding mothers. I used a few of the previous Mustela Maternite during pregnancy and while I was nursing my baby Claud.

Every woman will be able to do something to make the world a better place, one of the best way is carrying a life and rearing a child that will do the same. Don’t deny yourself any help that is offered, it’s how women get it done.

.. and remember, you are amazing!

Thank you, ARC, for always keeping me and my readers abrest with the new and the best of Mustela Philippines!

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