Review | Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

Fact: Our eyelids are very sensitive. Our lids have a very thin layer of skin that is easily prone to damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Fact: We barely care for our lids
Fact: We tend to torture our lids with our love of putting eyeshadows
Fact: We oftentimes subject our eyes to rubbing especially when we removed waterproof mascara and eyeliners.

These are the many things that we do to our lids that ultimately damage it.

Myth: There are no products available out there to care for our eyelids.

The Benefit Air Patrol is here at your service.

It took awhile for me to review this because it's one of those products that I thought was too good to be true. One, it claims to be sooo many things! I mean, one product that's a skincare, spf, skin color corrector and primer? Two, it comes in such an unusual packaging that claims to be as soft as your ring finger and it's made out of materials used for mattresses and pillows.

Srsly. How hardworking can one product get? I've been in the business of beauty and beauty blogging for a long time to know when someone is pulling my leg.

But Benefit loves proving Skeptic Susan's like me wrong. Yes, it's actually their mission I've been told. So I put the Air Patrol to the test.

Upon closer inspection, Benefit Air Patrol is a lot bigger compared to other eye primers out there. When you open it, you'll notice the unique sponge gel tip. It's soft, squishy and feels like the pad of your fingers. While other eye skin care and primers have metal tips, Air Patrol stood out with this pillowy one.

What the tip dispensed out reminded me of Benefit Lemon Aid. It has a yellow tint great for covering blue veins and redness. The difference is that is the liquid consistensy of Air control which is easier to work with than cream. What I like is that it doesn't sit on top of my skin. In my observation, Air Patrol blends smoothly to the lids as the skin absorbs the skin care ingredients while the pigments stay on to provide a flawless surface.

And yes, it's BB Cream for the lids so there's definitely skin care there. Not to mention that it has sun protection so I can use this alone. I realize that I don't apply as much sunscreen to my lids as to the rest of my face because I feel that sunscreen is way too strong for my delicate eyelids. Benefit Air Patrol provides a safe product to be used on this delicate part of the face so we can protect it from the sun and pollution.

But my major concern is how good of an eyelid primer it can be because my lids oil up like a mother! I put it to the test for weeks. Now, it may not have performed as good as my hardcore eye primer, but it did hold well for the day. There was little to no transferring or migrating. Considering it's a skincare/spf/bb cream/color corrector, I think I can live with an 6-8 hours hold.

Here's a demo using Benefit's Air Patrol. The directions say we need one click per eye but I think that's too much for my small Asian eyes. So I use only one click for both lids. I spread it evenly and it instantly corrected the dullness on my lids. My camera had a hard time focusing on the lid after I applied Air Patrol. This means that it has provided a smooth surface just like any primer should.

Note: Apply a little bit more product when you're under intense sun exposure to protect your lids better.

How was it in terms of giving vibrancy to my shadows? It held really nicely. I used Urban Decay Naked Palette for this one and it boosted the shades well. Here are some sample shots. I took this photos under natural light and it's much vibrant and bright in real life. For darker shadows though, you would still need a separate cream shadow to intensify the shades. 

So, am I still a Skeptic Susan about Benefit's Air Patrol? Not one bit. Been using this for weeks now and it has taken over my usual eye primer. It's the best companion for the 32 year old me who needs to give extra care to her skin. It's actually comforting to know that I am not neglecting my eyelids when I'm doing my makeup now

This is definitely ideal for everyday use. You know, for your usual daily office or coffee with the girls makeup. Add a little extra primer or cream shadow if you want to use darker shades or if you'll be doing some clubbing at night.

If you're going to use this alone on bare lids, bring Air Patrol with you to reapply especially under sun exposure.

Here are my hardworking eye makeup products from Benefit.
Benefit Puff Off, Air Patrol, They're Real Push-up Liner, Roller Lash and High Brow.

Let me know if you have more questions about Benefit Air Patrol or if you wish for me do more Benefit product reviews.

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