Benefit's Bling Brow Bling-ed Out Party

It's not everyday you get to play with something as unique as Benefit's Bling Brows. Last year was festive one for me because I had so much fun adding a bit of pizzazz to my usual look. Really, being friends with Benefit has... benefits! Lots of it! Take a look at my holiday gifts from the brand that in every Filipina's makeup kits and wishlists!

This is how the Amethyst Swarovski stones look on me. Isn't is a beauty? It's not heavy or irritating! The crystals are very lightweight. I chose to apply this on the lids and apparently, it's a popular choice! Other beauty bloggers though applied it straight on the brows and on the brow bones.

Benefit also brought their 2015 Holiday kits that are now sold out!

Don't worry their permanent lines are well stocked! I was assured that their Box o' powders are all available in all stores. The Hoola bronzer is a favorite so grab a box of that one, you won't regret it. I swear!

Benefit treated us to more bling that day with this charm bracelets! So fancy!

Here are my choices! I picked out a laptop, a diamond ring, infinity sign, heart, letter C for Claud, LOL for Benefit (because laughter is the best cosmetic!), and some birthstones to represent me and the hub. 

Here's Nicole of Beauty and Sparkle with the famous Jared Bailey picking out charms for their bracelets.

Beautiful Benebabes share their love for the brand and the new Bling Brows.

And though it's not the holidays, I really think the Bling Brows are a all-year round must-have for ladies who want to try something different. It's that step to a higher level of becoming the veritable beauty enthusiasts that we all are!

Their early holiday gift is this blinged out Limited Edition They're Real Mascara. 

Benefit is all about the bling and the essentials, too, so they included some Nippon goodies on our gift bags. Thanks, Sydney and Benebabes, for this!

There is always fun enteratinment at Benefit events. There's lively music and dancers that imbibes tha fun loving nd carefree philosophy of the brand.

with Shari and Nikki! Without planning, we all had Bling Brow on our lids. :) Great minds think alike. :)

With Kriska of Benefit PH (upper righ corner), Angela and Jackie. Love being with these girls!

The food served at Vask was really good! It's my second time here and every time the menu just gets better. Thanks for this treat, Benebabes!

Benefit always throws the best events. These girls are like sisters to me already and I'm so happy that the brand is doing well in our country. We really need more Benefit in our lives. Their brand philosophy is something I look up to and it's all about empowering women without losing that sense of humor and zest for life. Benefit is all fun with a just the right amount of determination for success.

If you're looking to revamp your kit, head on to Benefit. It's the pink, pretty and fun counters in the most popular malls in the Metro. So easy to spot! Promise!

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