Preview | Penshoppe Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Palace Pool Club felt like a time space warp as Penshoppe rolled in with their new Spring Summer collection for 2016. Models walked in an updated take on tropical prints, retro-inspired look that seriously reminded of my on fashion choices back in the 90's. There were a lot of interesting details from this decade that they gave a 2016 vibe. I approve, Penshoppe! One of the best collection by far!

There's the crop top, jump suits, mom jeans, summer prints, mesh back packs and oversize jackets. I like that the trend is transitioning to more comfort with style. Becasue there is no need to sacrifice our comfort just so we can be on trend. There's the sneakers, flats and laid back ensemble in plaids and fun prints that's easy to pull off for any body type! How cool is that?

It's fun how the collection reminded me of Reality Bites, Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell and Empire Records. If you're a 90's kids, you can definitely relate with me! Hahaha!

Penshoppe also introduced the new faces of this collections. Like always, they aim to please so they get only the best and most followed celebrities in the world. There's Dara Park, Kendall Jenner, and the male model of the year 2015, Lucky Blue Smith!

Here's a look at what Penshoppe has in store for you this Summer! These will be in stores soon so be on the look out for them because this will surely sell like hotcakes!

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