Atkinsons | 200 Years of Perfume Snobbery

If you want to tip your nose on someone, make sure that you are not only looking posh or dapper, you are smelling like it, too. And nobody does snobbery as well as Atkinsons 1799, a brand with a rich 200 years of royal history.

But what makes Atkinson a well-known brand to the rich and  famous is actually deeply rooted in the simple fact that one's passion can create an empire. One that even royalties seek to have in their vanities. James Atkinson shop is braved by most of London' elite for his famous concocted rose-scented balm. Why braved? Why because James owns a bear that was utterly devoted to him!

While everyone wanted something from the Italy, it's Atkinson who actually summoned the courage to create a scent that it thoroughly English. Breaking the norm!
Something the Ton usually frown upon. But so curious was everyone of this scent that is refreshingly fearless, warm and spicy, quite unlike any other.... that all of England came flocking for this certainly British fragrance. This unique blend of aromas and his increasing popularity, Atkinson, by the order of King George IV, was proclaimed the Official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England.

Don't worry, darling, you don't have to have a to be in line to the throne or even have to rub elbows with celebrities to enjoy James Atkinson incredibly posh scents. You can now get them at here in Manila at all the Arts of Scent boutiques in Resort's World, City of Dreams and Shangri-la Plaza.

And what exactly are we to look forward to from Atkinsons? Well, certainly everything!

I got a chance to try all the fragrances they brought in to our tropical shores and there is a few bottles worth collecting. Atkinsons have 4 key collections. Two of which I will be sharing here with you as I got to them both very well during its launch in Manila.

The Emblematic Collection which contains it's signature fragrance, 24 Old Bond Street. Why name a perfume after an address. Well, deary, it's obviously the address of the street that marked the day Atkinsons became a brand! After being named the Official Perfumer, Atkinsons new that this posh street is the place to be to reach more Lords and Ladies! This scent contains the perfect blend of juniper, rose, black tea and smoky oask casked whisky. Isn't that just distinctly Brit?

The Emblematic Collection is famous for it's Triple Extract.

Triple Extract is the precious quintessence of 24 Old Bond Street, reworked and intensified for fuller character, toxicity and splended dramatic contract. Its whisky-inflected, super-fresh floral infusion of petals, spices and wood makes the Triple Extract not, but twice , but three times potency of 24 Old Bond Street.

The second collection is called The Legendary Collection of Modern Vitages.

The Odd Fellow's Bouquet
The British Bouquet
Fashion Decree
The Nuptial Bouquet - my second favorite
The Excellosior
Love in Idleness and,
Amber Empire.

All of these scents simply wants to convey the world and history of exotic nobility of a vanished era. Travel to time of how true luxury is enjoyed.

The Odd Felow's Bouquet and The British Fellow Bouquet. The first one contains Ginger, Heliotopre & Oriental Tobacco Accord with Labdanum. Think James Bond in a dark game room enjoying a cigar, seemingly in solitaire as he decides his next move, sitting in a well-worn vintage leather chair. Can you imagine his silhouette, his intense stare at his deck of cards? 

If nothing else will explain this scent further, think of Lawrence of Arabia. Enough said of The Odd Fellows Bouquet.

The other is of Bitter Orange & Citrus Caviar, a hint of Lavander and Leather Accord. Dandy? Not truly but there is quite a playful side to the man I envisioned who wears this perfume. Inspired by Beau Brummel who pioneered the 3 piece suit. Can't see it yet? This of Jude Law. Impeccably dressed in tailored suit, his hair combed to perfection. See that small smile, almost a smirk. Now look in his eyes. Yes, there's a smolder. Now, you can't look away. That's what I think of when I got a whif of this The British Bouquet.. I know! I'm enamored! Le sigh. 

Atkinsons also gave the women nobility a glorious focus. 

The Nuptial Bouquet will make you think of romance! And not just that. It's of true love that is everlasting. This scent is an interpretation of the very bridal bouquet of Queen Victoria. It smells gloriously and authentically like a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley, violet leaves, myrtle flowers enhanced with white musk and sandalwood. It is the perfume for any woman who wants to feel trul feminine, soft and enchanting. It is love in a bottle. Subtle, soft and enduring. This is a scent that needs to be experienced!

Fashion Decree is your quintessential "It Crowd" scents. Inspired by the lives of women nobility who find themselves bored and so seek adventures through things they find abroad. Think of Sarah Bernhardt touching her precious silk brocades that just came from the Far East packed in patchouli leaves. This scent is of Pink Peppercorn, Chinese and Magnolia & Iris with Patchouli. No wonder the women of yester years prefer this scent. Is it of total opulence, it's decadent!

All these and more can be found at all Arts and Scents! The Atkinsons range of fragrances is not just simple scents, it's a statement in itself! You can't deny the luxury of these perfumes with every spritz. I tried to deny it and utterly failed! It is the scents to own. One that deserves the top spot in her vanity and top of the line hand bags. 

Here are some of the photos I took of the event. 

Atkinsons Fragrances are exclusively distributed by Scent and Beaute. Find them at Art of Scent Shanri-la Plaza Mall, City of Dreams and Resorts World. They are also available at SM Makati and other selected malls in the country.

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