These New Moms Got Surprised!

I remember that first day at the hospital when my OBGYNE told me that I was already in labor. It was a mix of disbelief, frustration and fear. But most of all, I was overwhelmed with so much happiness. I knew it was only a matter of hours because I laid eyes on my baby girl. I remember the process like it was yesterday.

That moment was was a lot of first for me and I was incredibly grateful that the Lord delivered us safely! Baby Camilla Claudette was surely the bouncing baby girl we expected her to be and even with my cesarean procedure, I was able to care for my daughter with barely feeling the pain of my stitches

Browsing through the #FirstwithPampers feed on social media and seeing all the news moms that Pampers Philippines surprised with balloons, banners and ribbons brought me back to that time I was for the first time called Mom. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine the happiness these moms felt with all the love she's receiving from her family and the brand whose mission is to make life easier for mommies.

New moms were given a box full of Pamper's latest diaper innovation, our favorite, Pamper's Baby Dry! 1,600 mommies received this joyous welcome along with a supply of newborn diapers all over the Philippines! I can't tell you enough how important it is to have fresh stocks of diapers when you just gave birth! Babies poop and pee around 12 times a day and it's an endless cycle. Running out of nappies is not option for me and daddy Ron! I'm glad Pampers has these mommies covered. One less thing to think about for these new moms!

And what's great is that this new diaper (first in 10 years of innovation!) is that is give 12 hours wetness protection. Mommies are assured that their babies are getting enough sleep that in turn would help with their development and ... their sanity, too! Happy baby always mean a happy mommy!

And guess what? Pampers also shared these BIG DELIVERY with us, their digital ambassadors. Which was really a blessing because we ran out of pampers that very same day! :) True that when you pray and ask for things you need, you shall receive it!

Claud and I love Pampers Baby Dry! Changing to this diaper has allowed us more sleep at night that makes us a happy mommy and baby in the morning! And when both mommy and baby are happy? Daddy is happier, too! Lol!

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