My Very First #MomMeCation at The Peninsula Manila

My latest role in life is the one I've always wanted to play my whole life. Being a mother to Claud is more than I could ever wish for and it's been a blessing to rear such a wonderful child. But I have to admit that even as I try, I was not that ready with the fast-paced life I lead now being a mom, a homemaker and a career woman. I'm sure many will agree with me!

Sometimes, even a Supermom needs some R&R, too.

That's why for a day or two, we deserve a little bit of pampering to revive our minds and bodies to take on more! And what better day to do exactly that but during Mother's Day! I'm grateful for a gracious husband who gave me the weekend of Mother's Day celebration, to enjoy The Peninsula Manila's latest package aptly named, #MomMeCation.

And oh boy was I looking forward to that day! When that day finally came, I already felt relaxed the minute I left home. A car service was arranged for me! I got to say my sweet farewell to my baby girl without having to worry about my ride.

The minute I walked inside the spacious lobby of the The Pen, I felt like a royalty with the team behind this wonderful experience greeting me and handing me a huge bouquet of flowers. Mariano Garchitorena, whom insisted we call him Garch, chatted with me and Neva at The Lobby while we enjoyed some drinks and food from this iconic location. I couldn't believe then that it was happening to me. There I was in one of the most lavish location in Manila when just the other night, my hair was in a  bun and I was in my house clothes, giving Claud her night time bath! Hehehe!

When I finally reached my room, I was surprised that it wasn't just a simple room but a suite! With spacious living room, dining table and guest bathroom. I was told, I only deserve the best. Really, I didn't but I'm glad they many thought I did. I was left to enjoy a tray of sweets and a bottle of Moet (my favorite!). I surely was in for a treat! I love our home but boy did I love that I had the suite all to myself! 

When I got to my bedroom, a plush bathrobe was waiting atop my bed, seemingly saying. "wear me and never take me off. I'm incredibly soft." Sigh! The bed was inviting, too! But The Pen had so much in store for us for the rest of the evening so after I unpacked, I went down to meet the rest of the mommies I was with for some much-needed facial at Murad. So, I promised my bed that I would give it all my attention when I turn in for the night.

As if The Pen could read my mind, they arranged a facial for me and my fellow mommies at one of the pioneer of skincare brand, Murad Spa Service at Rustan's Makati. Murad offers a wide variety of facials that targets all kinds of skin concern. I had the Enzyme Facial, a 60 minute facial that aims to detoxify and exfoliate the skin from impurities and dead skin cells. The enzyme is a blend of fruit-acids which is safe for most skin types. I could feel my skin breathe again right after. If you have acne-prone skin, this is the facial you have to try at Murad.

We went back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner at Spices. It was my first time to eat at this famous restaurant. I love the Bali-inspired theme that made me think I was on vacation is some exotic island instead of just being in Manila. Spices serve Asian dishes and for our feast, it was no less than fantastic. I love spices (wink!) so the dishes definitely delighted my palette! A must try is their Tom Ga Khai, Asam Goreng and Channa Papadi Chat.

I love that #MomMeCation is not only a time to relax and indulge but also be adventuruous in trying out new dishes, Food has a way of letting you travel whilst sitting. Dining at Spices did exactly that with its rich flavors, quality ingredients that you can taste in every dish and of course, the restaurant's ambiance. And spending it with great people, well, that's the proverbial cherry on top. Can't wait to take the husband to Spices and try more of their dishes.

With PR Group of The Peninsula Manila and mommy bloggers, Janice, Jaymie, Jackie, Ruth and Neva.

The night didn't end there! We headed to Salon de Ning for a night cap and by that I meant, glasses after glasses of Moet Chandon rose champagne! Garch and his team certainly had in mind for us to live like the famous Madame Ning herself! And to spend it in the Oriental aclove made me feel like a  VIP and quite untouchable. Especially with people waiting on us, pouring our wine even before it hits bottom. So don't ask me how many glasses I had. Hihihi! Hik!

I had loads of fun sharing stories of mommyhood, reminscing the good ol' days that I could stay up all night and drink myself to stupor. I got to know more of my mommy friends, friends from PerkComm and the PR team of The Peninsula Manila. I love that the evening turned out to be one for the books. And they say moms don't have a night life. I do!. 

But yeah, I'm manang already and proud to be so I bid them bon nuit and headed to my beautiful suite to have that much needed alone time in my soft warm cool bed. Before that though, a dip in the tub while watching Grey's Anatomy is in order.

Naturally, I ate my sweet treats and had more rosé. hihi!

Ahhh! The life! This is indeed a #MomMeCation. Warm bubbly time in the bathtub instead of that 5 minute cold shower. A chilled rosé as to downing glasses of water to keep my milk supply up. Sweet delectable chocolates and candies instead of snacking on carrots and celery sticks. And oh a glorious time to watch a full episode of my favorite show without having to miss any part of it or having to pause and forget about it. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom, but moments like this, we all deserve one. Really, we need it! Our sanity depends on it. 

Suffice to say, I slept like a baby! Zzz.... Zzzz... Zzz..

And when the morning came... 

Hello, breakfast in bed! #MomMeCation package with The Peninsula Manila allows for customization. It really depends on what you want to indulge in. Although I certainly wanted to stuff myself with unlimited bacon at the Escolta breakfast buffet, a nice quiet morning was more ideal for a new mom like me. No noise, no Disney channel (lol!), just me and a sumptuous breakfast I chose from their breakfast menu the previous evening. I just filled it up with my favorite choices, placed it on my doorknob and it was delivered the next morning at the time I indicated. 

I love breakfast in bed! This alone is already too big of a gift for a tired mom like me. And please don't make me leave the bed for 3 hours... unless it's for a massage. 

Like a fairy godmother, a massage was indeed arranged for me that morning! Grace called in to remind. As if I would forget something so important. Hehehe! So off to the Fitness Center I go. I let Joy, my masseuse, take all my stress and lamig away. I should have just relaxed but the massage revived me that I did a few errands at the nearby mall before I met with the girls and Garch for lunch at The Lobby. Oh! The mornings at The Lobby is just delightful I love how it takes in the morning light. It's so beautiful. majestic even. I could stay here all day just people watching.

Did I mention I accidentally left my wallet at one of the couch at The Lobby? Guess what, it was immediately returned to me! I guess my mind was in total relax mode that it slipped my mind to check all my stuff prior to leaving but thank God for the alert minds of the staff that they spotted my wallet and turned it over to the security. Service at its finest. Really, you're safe at The Pen.

When it was time for Lunch, it dawned on me that I only have a few hours left of #MomMeCation. Part of me already was yearning to come home to my little girl and doting husband. My mind was already listing the to-do's of the day. I guess that's life for me now. I will never be the old happy-go-lucky-come-what-may Shen. I have come to embraced my role as a mother and it's okay. I'm grateful though for times spent like this at The Peninsula that I get to be by myself and enjoy finer things in life.

So I made sure I ate the last meal with gusto and enjoyed the few hours I have left with these fabulous people who took time to create this package for us. 

Lunch at The Lobby was superb. Our Seafood Angel Hair Pasta looks so dainty when it was served but formidable in my tummy. Our Trio of Mango Textures dessert is probably the best dessert to cap of our #MomMeCation, as it represents the different things we need that culminates to one goal, to give us supermoms the extraordinary and ever so luxrious treatment that we truly deserve.

I wouldn't say that it was sad to bid everyone adieu. The Peninsula Manila accomplished what they set out to do, they gave me exactly the #MomMeCation I needed to rejuvenate me and I truly felt like a queen! The past two days revived me to take on more mommy duties for the coming days. But I am looking forward to another #MomMeCation which I am scheduling on my birthday this coming September. 

That's right, #MomMeCation is not only for Mother's Day. The Peninsula Manila is offering this package until December 31, 2015. So if you think your mom, or a woman you love and hold dear in heart deserves to be treated like a queen, this is definitely the best gift to give her. And if you're a mom, like me, who thinks that she needs a quick R&R, go all out and spend it at The Pen with the MomMeCation package.

MomMeCation starts at 11,500 (exclusive of service charge & govt. taxes). You can choose to stay at their Deluxe Room, Grand Deluxe Room or Premier Suites. 

Enjoy the following benefits of MomMeCation Package:
  • Daily buffet breakfast for two (2) persons served in Escolta
  • 60-minute supervised workout at The Fitness Centre and Spa with a personal trainer for two (2) persons, once per stay
  • One round of MomMeCation-themed cocktails in Salon de Ning for two persons, once per stay 
  • 60-minute Swedish or Shiatsu massage at The Fitness Centre and Spa for one person, once per stay. A 30% discount shall be extended to the second person.
  • PHP 1,000 dining credit to be used at The Lobby, once per stay
  • A beauty gift from Rustan’s for one person, once per stay
But if you would like to customize your own MomMeCation package, they assured me that The Pen will only to be happy to oblige your hearts desires.

Get all the details pf the MomMeCation at The Peninsula Manila website.

Another thing that made me enjoy the MomMeCation is the fact that I'm carrying on my mom's tradition of checking in in a hotel and spending the Mother's Day weekend lavishing in the suite life and enjoying the lifestyle it offers. My mom knew how to pamper herself and give herself a pat on the back for a job well done in being the best mom to me. And she shared that experience with me numerous times we spent Mother's Day together. Right now, Claud is too young spend MomMeCation with me but when she grows older, I'll bring her along to The Pen and she can enjoy MomMeCation with me every year. We'll bring daddy, too, of course. LOL!

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