Creating #CamillaClaudette's First Baby Book | #FirstWithPampers

Finally, a chance to sit down and blog! Oh, the freedom!! :) 

First thing I did, use the by Pampers Philippines and finally created her very first baby book! I didn't know I had way too much photos of Claud that it took me awhile to choose what to include. I maybe trigger happy when it comes to Claud but sad to say that properly documenting the photos I took is a lot harder than I thought. I don't know how my scrapbooking friends do it!

Thank God I found out about Pamper's Baby Book ( It's an application that turns photos into a photo book complete with editing tools. It allows you to create numerous baby books to your heart's content. There are several themes that are cute and fun. It's customizable and you can even include photos you already uploaded on Facebook. It would even reflect comments made on the photos on your baby book. How cool is that?

No need to learn the art of scrapbooking or take a class on Photoshop, all you have to do is bring together all those photos you took of your baby and upload away! It's so engaging that after I do Claud's First Baby Book, I will create another one for her Baptism, First Birthday, Smash Cake and her photoshoot with me.

Looking back at the hundreds (actually, more than a thousand photos) I took of Claud, I still can't believe how time flew by so quickly that she's already one year old and on her way to becoming more and more independent from me. I get all teary eyed looking back at the happy memories and of course, the struggles, too. Hard to believe that I was able to care for her despite my limited knowledge on motherhood! LOL! But yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. Just by looking at my daughter, I know I did a spectacular job! Woot!

So start creating your own baby book and tart giving yourself that much-deserved pat on the back for a job beautifully done! Visit now! I tell you, it's kind of addicting so make sure the chores are done, baby is asleep and you have drinks and snack on hand. Browsing photos alone took me an hour! :)

Enjoy!! #FirstsWithPampers

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