Skill Unlocked: Batik Dyeing | L'Indochine Workshop at Mega Fashion Hall

Everything in L'Indochine is eye candy, I couldn't stop taking photos! They finally opened their flagship store at the 4th level of SM Mega Fashion Hall. One thing you'll notice, it's huge! I would think it's about 3x bigger than their SM Aura store. And oh it's full of interesting finds! Well, expect no less than well curated items all over Asia! Owners and sisters-in-law Leona Panutat and Charlene Panutat-Carlos certainly redefined the way we see Asian design and lifestyle. Prepared to leave the store with a bag full of L'Indochine's sourced handicrafts, apparels and accent pieces that will make you popular amongst your friends.

But what's more interesting is that L'Indichine has opened its doors to holding workshops. At the middle of LÍndochine Megamall is an area that could accomodate about 10 to 15 people that would make an ideal setting for an intimate gathering. Charlene and Leona decided that workshops that inspire to create is the next step for L'Indochine.

And well, not to brag, I was invited to join their very first workshop with none other than the Craft Queen herself, Alessandra Lanot. Skill that we unlocked that day? Batik Dyeing! It's not true that old dogs can't learn new tricks because I just did!! With a little bit of courage and throwing caution to the wind, I unleashed the artist in me (naks!) and designed away a throwpillow with some batik paint. My favorite go to design? Flower doodles, of course!

You know you're having fun when you don't see the mess, you just see the art!

What about these lovely stuffed animals for Baby #CamillaClaudette?

I need this paiting in my living room!

My dream table setting. 

C&L added more accessories to their collecton as they find these items were a hit.

Leona Panutat with our host, Patty Laurel-Filart

My seatmate, Maximus and his gorgeous mo, Ems!

Winners of the Batik Dyeing contest. Felt so honored to be a part of this event. :) Thanks, Janice, for inviting me!

We took home so much goodies from their workshop partners! Here are some of them. :) Personalized gift cards from @NiftyMNL, Sun care from @CeletequePH, photo session from @CarenCarlosPhoto and of course, my favorite ointment Lucas Papaw from @DTCmakeup.

L'Indochine aslso gave us this chic batik tray. It made the best background for my new FINO pouch.

I loved the painting so much, I had my photo taken with it wearing my new Ines De La Fressange scarf from @UniqloPHOfficial. :)

And we got the latest from MommyMundo, Top Mom Picks Guidebook. Look, I already have a few of their recommendations! :)

Check out #LIndonchineWorkshops for more photos of the event and to check for their upcoming events, visit their L'Inochine Facebook Page. For more eye candy post, their Instagram @theinspirationseeker are full of them!

Hope to see you on the next workshop!

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