#BetterMe with Skinwhite and the #CaptivateCouncil

When I went to the launch of the Second Batch of Skinwhite Captivate Council, it felt like I was just one of the younger girls, eager for the opportunity to improve myself. I guess that feeling never really leaves us since the journey of self-improvements is never ending. Not for dissatisfaction, but because we know we have more to give. You see, back in the day, there isn’t as much activities like this one for us to join in.

Now as a mom, there’s that feeling of relief that Claud will have more opportunities than I ever did to help her become the woman she's destined to be. Along with my guidance (mommager in the making here!), I’m happy that programs like Captivate Council is here to help her seek new learning outside school and gain more confidence in herself.

To share with you what happened during thse launch that brought about this emotion was because of Skinwhite’s initiatives in their #BetterMe Campaign. It’s a confidence program for young women who came from different schools. Seeing the success of the previous batch of the #BetterMe program, Skinwhite decided that to do another one to further inspire more young women to see themselves in a better light.

Carefully selected young women will go through fitness trainings, participate in charitable efforts for the holistic experience of becoming a better version of themselves. This four-month campaign allows them to share who they are through magazine features and social media exposures. And adding cherry on top, Skinwhite will host the #BetterMe Ball to present these young ladies to everyone. Liz Caceres, assistant brand manager for Skinwhite shares, “It’s not just about looking good on the outside, but feeling good and doing good, too.” Of which I agree with 100%. Seeing the girls lined up with genuine smile and confident statures, I can’t help but wish for the same for Claud. :)

These women are really truly inspiring. At such a young age, they are already doing far more than women double their age. At age 17, I was still playing piko! The Captivate Council girls are driven, articulate and incredibly beautiful. Much like Skinwhite’s Brand Ambasaddor, Kim Chui, a former provinciana who blossomed into a talented and beautiful aspiring woman. If not for her confidence to join a teen reality show and brave the Metro, we would not be enjoying her quick wit in movies and television. She has become a role model for young women.

I got a chance to interview Kim during this launch and she shared with me her most favourite beauty product. She shared that she can’t live without Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Face Cream Power. She loves the feel and coverage which suits her skin well. During days she doesn't need to pack on makeup for shooting and guest appearances, she only uses this product to look pretty and presentable. She loves the mattifying effect that controls oil.

Now I’m eager to try the Face Cream Powder. It’s sweet of Skinwhite to share with us a tube that we can use. :)

To look effortlessly like Kim Chui, here are the things you’ll need.
  1. Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Face Cream Power –to protect your skin from the sun and even out your skintone. Apply sparingly as little goes along way.
  2. Black or Mascara – to open up those eyes.
  3. Cheek tint – to bring color and a little flush to those cheeks. Place two dots on each cheek and blend for a naural finish.
  4. Pink lip gloss – to get that kissable moisturized lips. Spread a thin coat and you’re good to go.

As for my favorite, I would have to say that the combination of Skinwhite Whitening Body Wash and Advanced Whitening Lotion are phenomenal. First, I’m too much in love with the scents! One of the best lotion and body wash scents I’ve tried lately. The wash lathers well which makes it more enjoyable too use. You really feel cleansed afterwards.

But to give more focus on the lotion, it is exactly what the TVC promises! It really instantly whitens the skin but none of the harsh chemicals that can ruin it. Checking out the ingredients, it also has fruits extracts naturally lighten the skin gradually with continued use. It also contains Vitamin B3, B5 and E which are all skin moisturizer to help make the skin smooth and supple. It’s neither sticky nor oily, the lotion gets absorbed to the skin fast so even in a humid weather. Most of all, it contains SPF 20 to block UV rays.

Seeing the Captivate Council was so refreshing. I hope that this campaign drives more young women to see themselves in a better perspective and seek to be more confident and beautiful both inside and out.

Good luck, #CaptivateCouncil! Can’t wait to see you in your beautiful gowns at the #BetterMe Ball!

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