New in Beauty | Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (Launch and Review)

Benefit is the bomb when it comes to throwing parties! Expect that there will beauty, booze, boys and tons of other exciting things! And for the launch of their newest mascara, Benefit pull out all stops to throw a fun afternoon with games, pooches and lots of cocktails! Naturally, there were boys! Newly appointed Chief of Fun, Donna Shaw, wanted everything in theme (as it should be) and has the open-area of Skye Bar turned Fancy Fair complete with mini golf, mini fishing game and a dog-petting area. There were also Tarot Readers and an overflow of yummy booze, canapes and cotton candy. Did I tell there were hunks? Oh! I did.. Well, I was just making sure I mentioned it! We were truly entertained! Charmed by cuties, too... no surprise there. :)

But the highlight of the event was the latest product, the newest mascara and one of Benefit's highly kept secret. The unveiling of  Roller Lash Mascara finally happened! Woot!

Oh! The curling powers this wand has! Amazing, I tell you! Disregard those silly contraptions you call eyelash curlers. You won't need it anymore. Yup, your eyes are now officially safe from getting clipped.

Roller Lash is the answer to all our mascara prayers and wishes. Inspired by hair rollers (the one that your grandma places on her hair every night), Benebabes and Benedudes of Benefit poured over their hearts and souls to create the perfect brush that imitate the rolling powers of the old-school rollers. Oldie but goodie, there is a reason why our granny and mommy relied on these pink rollers. They are effective as chuck in creating that perfect curl and it gave their hair the volume it needed. Benefit was able to take this inspiration to give us that same result but on our lashes.

But Benefit didn't quickly arrive to their desired results. It took years and tons of brainstorming and trial and errors. That meant lots of with different wands and formulations to test and try. And finally they were able to create the perfect wand that catches each lash and a formulation that curls the lashes hold it like nobody's business and stay for a good 18 hours! Seriously, san ka pa?

Now, before I become too chatty, take a look at the event photos I took! Scroll down for my review and before and after photos. :) Promise, it's worth it!

And here's what everyone's been waiting for! Presenting the fabulous Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.

The wand is what they call Hook and Roll wand. It's designed to catch every lash with its tiny tiny hooks and give it the coating and curl it needs. Curl and lift indeed! I swear I saw my lashes curling with every swipe. The curved brush also allows for easier transfer of formula with minimal to no clumping. "Yey!" for girls with long lashes like me!

Another secret of this mascara is the separator located at the opening of the tube that takes out excess formula. With that, clumping is reduced and you only get the coating you need. Apply more should you only desire to.

The formula, I should point is on the dry side. So I guess some girls who love that sleek glossy finish may not like it. I didn't like the formula at first but when i saw my lashes transforming before my very eyes, I came to love it. Just look at the result. (scroll down)

Of course, I had to try it for myself! And true to its promised, long, curly lash in minutes! Yup! The curl and lift promise was definitely fulfilled.

I naturally have long lashes but it's too fine. the Roller Lash gave it a natural-looking curl but with an edge. And I am still baffled by the fact that I didn't use lash curlers and yet my lashes look so alive here. Amazing! Amazing!

Pwede na ba? I think so, too! Benefit's Roller Lash is definitely one to try especially this season.
Give it a try when you can. :)

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