Behind The Scenes: BYS Philippines Music Video #BTS #BYS

BYS Philippines is gaining a huge following since it arrived in 2013 and even doubling their sales in this year! Angie Goyena, General Manager of the brand expressed that 2015 is going to be a big year for the brand with more products to sate the beauty cravings of the cosmetic addicts like me.

BYS Philippines sought out to make the brand more memorable with a song written by the talented Jeffrey Hidalgo and sang by the Voice finalist and famous siren, Arnee Hidalgo.

"We want more Filipinos people to know about BYS. Filipinos are known for their love of music and what better way to introduce the brand but through a lovely song about embracing your true self.", shared Angie.

Jeffrey Hidaldo, child music prodigy who is now a successful song writer and director, wrote the song that embodied a BYS woman. The song is all about self-awakening and finding happiness in being yourself. The song is not only full of meaning but it's definitely catchy. It's going to be an #LSS thing once you hear it on the radio.

Looking for the siren to sing this song didn't prove to be hard task when Jeffrey's sister is no other than Arnee Hidalgo, a recent contender at The Voice Philippines and an undeniably a talented singer. It was fate, as we say that their paths crossed and led them to the creation of one of the nicest brand songs I've heard. Baby, this is not your typical music jingle.

As a beauty blogger, I was curious with the makeup looks of the video and I stationed myself inside the dressing room to interview the makeup artists. During the first part of the video, Arnee was dressed in all white with her hair in soft waves. Elaine, official makeup artist for BYS, made sure to create looks that many Filipinas can recreate. "It doesn't matter what skin tone you have., she says. The looks they created will match anyone. Arnee provided the best canvass, of course. "We were inspired by Jennifer Lopez's bronzed makeup looks. Not so much on contour but more on realizing that our color can work to our advantage. We also made sure that she glowed seemingly from within.", Elaine added. She showed me the BYS Counter Trio in Sassy and I understood what she meant. The palette is ideal for creating that bronzed effect and glow from within look.

The fashion for this shoot naturally matches the looks. From neutral white, sweet floral to fierce dark tones. Stating that BYS Cosmetics can help you become the beest version of yourself, whichever you may choose to be. There's practically no limit!

When I talked to Arnee, I was happy to learned that she shared my love for matte lipsticks and she enjoyed using BYS's matte lipstick range. I was on fan-mode, really. She is so gorgeous! I can't wait to see the whole music video already!

Fierce-mode on! :)

Elaine touches up Natasha's makeup for the second look

Big waves ready for coiffing. :)

In minutes, hair stylist Iwa ad Arnee's hair up with soft tendrils playing against her pretty face. Carell, official artist of BYS as well, applied I Don't Pink So lipstick to complete this sweet yet vibrant look.

Products used: BYS Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette and I Don't Pink So Matte Lipstick.

You'll soon hear this on the radio and will be available for download on iTunes, It will also be on Deezer and other music platforms. :)

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