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I have to say that Flawless certainly has risen up to the top when it comes to new innovation on skincare and treatments. I have not seen this kind of growth in other clinics. This year alone, they have released a breakthrough all-natural treatment, brought a top of the line organic skin care line from France and now, a latest addition to their existing in-house skin care products, the Flawless Super Serums. Surely, Flawless refuse to rest on their laurels.

What is Flawless Super Serums? 

Flawless CEO, Ruby Sy, shared that that it is essentially a combination of potent ingredients to further boost efficacy of their in-house beauty kits made in collaboration with Mesoetetic Pharma group in Spain (yes, Super Serums are made in Spain). But it became more than that. "The Flawless Super Serums are essentially new age serums. They are very potent and can dramatically improve various skin conditions in as early as two weeks, but they are mild enough to be used for long periods of time, even by people with sensitive skin.” she shared.

Additionally, it also has SPF. Great even for men to use, as endorsed by Victor Basa, a
model/actor/host, who also happens to be the signicant other of Divine Lee, a Flawless endorser herself. Both attests to the effectiveness of these serums. Victor and Divine both love the whitening Super Serum.

I got myself the Pimple Clear Super Serums and in tandem with my ISKIN products, there is significant difference with how my skin was just a few weeks ago. As you can see, the serums do not come in a bottle. It comes in a box of 5 x 5ml or 0.17 ml fl. oz strip. The tubes are easy enough to open. Twist and it will release the cap. Turn the cap upside down and you can use it to cover again the tube. It's milky opaque pink unlike other serums I have tried in the past. I have to hazard a guess that the opacity is due to the sunblock while pink must be because of the pimple clear ingredients. But like most serums, it is not oily and quite easily absorbed by the skin.

How to use the Flawless Super Serums?

Apply a thinly all over your face, right after your  cleanser and toner and before all your other cream products. This should be the first thing to apply after cleansing off your skin of grime and dirt. A little goes a long way so don't go crazy with it. One tube should last you 3 to 4 weeks. :)

How effective is the Flawless Super Serum?

In a little over two weeks, you will see significant results. So if your Flawless beauty kit is already working for you, imagine a faster turn over. I'm using ISKIN and already there is significant results. I still have pimple but most of them have dried up with just less than a week of use.

How much is the Flawless Super Serum?

For a box, the Flawless Super Serums is only Php 1500. Significantly cheaper already compared to most serums sold in the product.

Who should try Super Serums?

Well, I should say all of us, but it's really for men and women who wants to speed up the healing process of their skin. If you have severe acne and is dissatisfied with your current regimen, you don't need to purchase a new skin care set, just add the Pimple Clear (this is what I did). For those who wants to boost their whitening skin care products, add the Whitening Super Serum. And for those who needs an extra does to prevent signs of aging, then the Age Defying should do the trick!

Where to get the Flawless Super Serums?

At the nearest Flawless clinics, of course! These new roducts will be available nationwide and at their newly opened clinics in Eastwood and Bacolod.

Should you have questions not addressed here on the blog post, please write them down on the comment section and I'll answer them as soon as I can. :)

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