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When Benefit Cosmetics Philippines invited me to their event a week ago to meet Jared Bailey, I learned that he's called the Global Brow Expert! How he got that name got me curious. Well, he's licenced aesthetician and he made it his life mission to make every women's brows But seriously, this brow genius is actually the International Spokesperson of Benefit's Global Services. And he came over all the way from SanFo to share with us his neat tips and tricks on how to create a spectacular pair of brows.

His adorable tips:

1. Brows are sisters, not twins.
2. Arch is important!
3. Have your brows groomed by an expert and by that he meant, visit the nearest Benefit counter to have your brows fixed by Benebabes he himself trained! :)

Simple tricks to live by when doing our brows, right? Brow Mapping at its finest, Benefit has perfected creating he perfect arches and taming the lioness brows we Pinay tend to have (if yours is not, I envy you!). Now, before you jump out of your computer or put down your phones to do yours to go and get your brows done, I have more news from Benefit! Read on!

They are adding more pizzaz to our brows! This holiday your brows will become the center of attention. Their Limited Edition Holiday Brow Service just landed here in the Philippines!

Carefully curated Swarovski Crystals are now made available to accessorize our brows at Benefit. It is the boldest brow service there is. Crazy, right? Crsytals on your brows? Who would want to try it? Well, a lot of us beauty mavens tried it and we just love it! You'd think it'll be too much, but when all your friends are doing it, well.. this is one addiction that I would gladly take on!

And they offer three distinct ways to become the arch envy at any event this holiday season.

First is the Touch of Bling, Swarovski Crystals placed underneath the brows. This emphasizes your brow bone.

Second is the Over-The-Top Bling, studded set that float above the brows. This is what I had done and I felt really pretty.

And thirdly, for major impact, there's the Big Time Bling, swarovsky scrystals adorns that spance your brows!

Which one is your fave? :)

To make it more fun Benefit made lots of Swarovski shades available for us to choose from. There's Rose Gold, Greige, Light Silk, Crystal, Smoked Topaz, Green Multi-color, Light Lnk and Pink Multi-color.

I have to say that this kind of service grows on you. You'll start missing it once they're off. Really, that's how I felt. :) According to Bailey, "Bling Brow is fast, flattering and instantly glamorous. It sure to turn heads, bring in new costumers and reinforce that Benefit is the go-to brand for any brow service."

If you choose to do this on your own, why not? Floating all over the globe is the Bling Brow kit that comes with 52 Swarvski Crystal and a pair of tweezers. You can use this for the face, body and brows.

Bling Brows can last up to three days with care. :)

Well, there you go! If there's a time to look extra glittery, it's this season. Schedule your Bling Brow sesh at your favorite Benefit stores or counters all over the metro.

Here's more about what happened at the event!

And of course, a Benefit Cosmetics event is not complete if there aren't any shirtless, eye candy men present!

How do you like my Over-The-Top Bling? :)

Love love my Over-the-top Bling that I wore it the whole evening!

Swarovski was also there to showcase their latest collection. Love Miranda Kerr!

photo credit. | Thanks for this shot, Mikki!

Bling Brow can be availed starting November 2014, Benefit Brow Bars are located in Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center, Central Square, Rustan's Makati and Rustan's Shangri-la.

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