Bagong- Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa | The Power of Exfoliation

Alexis' video testimonial brought me back to past when people would make comments about my skin. For a long time, I let my acne-ridden face rule my life. I kept comparing myself to my classmates, to my friends who had much better skin, asking how come I can’t be the same as them. I’m sure most of us counted how many pimples we got on our face, too!

It hurt my confidence more when I joined a declamation contest in high school and somebody asked me if I was seeing a dermatologist for my acne. I was the girl “na pimple na tinubuan ng mukha.” So I could definitely imagine Alexis’ frustration having to deal with acne marks while she pursues her dream of becoming a famous singer and how hard it must have been for her to always cover up her pimples with makeup whenever she performed. Even with a great talent as hers, there is an expectation to look presentable when performing.

It's a good thing though that she got introduced to the right way of clearing up a bad skin using Maxi-Peel. Because the truth is, we really don't have to suffer and wait for a miracle to have clearer renewed-looking skin. Our skin’s future is not dire, there is hope!

All we have to do is exfoliate our skin! Yes, it’s that easy. Exfoliation is natural process that our skin goes through. Unfortunately, when we age this process slows down which causes dull-looking, uneven skin tone and scars take longer to lighten. This is where we exfoliate using Maxi-peel to help with renewing our skin.

If you've tried all the tricks in the book save for exfoliation then you're in for a treat. Like Alexis, this is the only way I got great results. Maxi-peel is a concoction of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone, two ingredients that are scientifically proven to effectively heal acne. It kills the pimple-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, helps dry up the acne, remove dead skin cells for a lighter, renewed skin. I can't tell you enough what wonders a good exfoliation treatment can do to your skin.

When going through this treatment expect the following three steps to occur:

Remove: you'll feel a stinging sensation after application of the solution. The mixture of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone are the reasons for this, all normal I promise. Just apply the right amount. This actually tells you that the solution is working to treat your skin. Don’t go overzealous and soak your cotton ball with the solution. A little always goes a long way.

Renew: Redness comes after, maybe hours or a day or two, from application of the Maxi-Peel solution. Again, totally normal, your skin is reacting to the ingredients. This is the start of the renewal process of the skin. Stay away from the sun at this point since your skin will be slightly sensitive. So no trips to the beach please! Sunblock is a must! Apply during the day.

Reveal: Soon you’ll notice peeling will occur, a day or two depending on your skin's tolerance to the solution. Mine usually peels after two days. Avoid picking on the skin that’s coming loose. That’s when you get scars. Allow it to naturally peel off. Be gentle when washing your face. Avoid applying too much makeup. If you must apply makeup go with mineral makeup to avoid skin irritation.

With these easy 3-step system, Alexis got to see her true beauty. Her skin became clearer and lighter. And if you notice the way she carried herself and how she spoke at her testimonial, she definitely got her confidence back! So you see there is hope for all of us. With proper skin exfoliation, you can have what Alexis has: Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa.

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