What's New | Blur Creams... Say What?

What say you about having to hashtag #nofilter on all your selfies?

I see there are a lot of you wanting to do this. But that can't always be the case because the truth of the matter is, these filters are a dream come true for us women who have less-than desirable skin. We now rely on our heavy-duty smartphones and apps to give us that smooth-looking skin for when we need it--which let's face it, is quite often.

But what if I tell you that there's a new product out there that aims to give you a flawless looking skin worthy of a #nofilter hashtag? People are calling it a miracle in a tube, the next generation primer and the filters of all filters. It promises to fill up all those pores, fine lines and wrinkles and give you that glow that you've always wanted. It mattifies and provides a flawless base for your makeup. It is everything that you've been hoping for, and more... because it even claims that you won't even need makeup to get that much-desired flawless skin.

So with that, I introduce to you, the Blur Creams!

The latest beauty innovation since the BB and CC Creams. A beauty solution that many have prayed and yearned for is now available... well, not yet here in Philippines. But it's been making waves already in the UK and the US. 

But what are blur creams, anyway? Well, it's a primer-like light refracting gel cream that reduces the appearance of signs of aging. It evens out the skin texture and blurs out imperfection. Like I mentioned, it has the consistency of a primer so it also mattifies the skin to lessen skin's oiliness. The light-refracting ability of a blur cream also makes it possible for many to skip makeup altogether because it effectively blurs out trouble areas that usually needs concealing with a makeup.

Let me share you some products that have started this latest beauty trend.

First introduced by Indeed Labs, the Nano Blur has been selling like hotcakes in the UK since it came out. MUA's back-up their claims and before and after photos have convinced many. This wonder primer has a nano-technology that reduces the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles that also mattifies the face. It has some light refracting properties that gives the skin a smooth-looking appearance.

The next beauty congolomerate to jump on this band wagon is the Chez L'Oreal, thorugh their luxe brand Lancome, under the Vissionaire category, they created 1 Minute Blur Smoothing Skincare Instant Perfector which promises an immediate better looking skin and a cell-boosting skin care treatment.

Then, there's Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur, which by it's name also promise to provide instant smooth-looking skin that will look younger visibly.

L'Oreal Paris has added this to their popular anti-aging line, Revitalift, calling Revitalift Magic Blur. It boasts of the new Opti-Blur technology and the benefits that many have come to love from their Revitalift line.

And under Nude Magique, the Blur Cream, which has the Micro-Blur technology that promises instant nude flawless finish.

Peter Thomas Roth took this beauty craze a notch higher and melded the BB and Blur cream together, calling it BB Blur. It having the anti-aging skincare benefits of a BB Cream and the instant skin gratification of a Blur cream, thanks to the light refracting diamond dust mixed in the formula. 

Given that I have combination-oily skin, I am not used to applying primer so I have mixed feelings about blur creams. It's main purpose of smoothening out the skin texture is but one of my problems. I also suffer from skin redness and acne which these creams do not address. I would still need to cover these troubles with a liquid foundation and setting powder.. to which I think defeats the main purpose of a blur cream. So skipping this probably won't be such a miss especially if I already have good primers at my disposal at home.

I can recommend these though to those whose main concern are their skin texture especially those who are suffering from premature skin aging and aging skin. If there's a chance to skip makeup all together and still ahve smooth-looking skin, why wouldn't you try it, right?

What about you? Would you be jumping the bandwagon on the Blur Cream craze? Let me know!
Would love to hear your thought about this!

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