My Friends and Family Baby Shower at Linden Suites

Did I tell you that I had two baby showers? I swear I didn't expect to have one, much less, two! Camilla Claudette proved to be a very lucky little girl for having so many people love her even if she's still tucked warmly inside my belly.

Last March 15, 2014, my dear friends and family arranged a surprise Baby Shower for me at Linden Suites. Linden Suites gave us the most beautiful, ever so spacious three bedroom suite. It was the largest by far from all the ones that they checked out and they were very happy to have so much room to work with. Especially that they planned several games for all the guests and tons of food for everyone to enjoy.

They say that Baby Showers are frivolous but I think every mom-to-be deserves one. Based on my experiences, it's that one moment where all the attention are focused on a joyful blessun. A coming of a new life of two person who completely love each other. Baby shower is that one perfect moment that the mom gets to unwind and share her joy with her closest friends and make her anticipate more the time that her baby will arrive.

It's also showing the support and love of her friends and family with her condition. After all, raising a child takes a village, right?

I always knew what great friends I have with the FK's. More than a decade of friend can tell you that. I knew it when they threw us a surprise engagement party during our rushed wedding. But it was this baby shower that I knew I had the sweetest, the most caring friends in the world. They planned everything from decorations, to food, to games and the whole execution. Although I did I few extra things for them. But overall, they were masterminds of the whole thing!

Take a look at what happened during one of the most epic moment in my life. :)

First, you'll see a time capsule board with note cards for guests to fill up. They are encouraged to write notes for Baby Claud that we will open on her 7th birthday. :) That's definitely something to look forward to in the future. :)

My dear friends also came up with a photo wall that is tres chic! All the guests loved it! Alma's hat boxes, my niece's teddy bear was in it and they created clouds with pain pouring down on it! How pretty right? There was also a bucket filled with baby shower sticks that guests can use when they get their photos taken. :) I really don't know what they're called but we had fun with them. :)

It's a good thing that Ron and I had our 4D exam that day and we got really nice photos of Claud to show to our guests. :)

FK celebrations are known for sumptuous large quantities of food and my baby shower was no exception. We had a dessert bar, fondue bar and lots and lots of finger foods especially prepared by my Tita Chola and cousins. :) The pasta was cooked by Kuya Carlo and it was a hit with all the desks. I noticed that all my friends enjoyed the food and that's always a good sign that it was a great party. :) I could never thank my FK's for everything!

The dessert bar was to die for. :)

Yummy fondue bar! :)

Pretty yummy cupcakes.. :)

My favorite food served! :) 

Our friend, Alma, has a knack for event styling and she commandeered with the design according to my personality. But I love that the FK personality showed in the decorations, the food and even the games. Each of my friends had their tasks and I love how well they worked with each other. It was indeed a labor of love and I truly felt their love for me, for R and our baby Claud. :)

I can't wait to return the favor once it's one of their turn to have either a baby shower or a bachelorette's party. I can't wait to show them my appreciation for what they did for my baby Claud.

Aside from my dear friends and family, brands who have supported Shen's Addiction also became a part of my baby shower. :)

Avon provided their latest lipsticticks, Ultra Color Absolute, that comes in this cute pink packaging. They also gave the love collide perfumes for women that my guests fell in love with.

ZenZest personalized a cologne for me and baby Claud and it smells like a baby! My friends loved this idea and they want personalized perfumes for their own parties. :)

Pigeon sent us their newest Baby wash product! It's not yet out in store and so my guests had first dibs on it. :) 

BYS gave the guests pink nail polishes. :)

Baby showers have a way of bringing the closest women in your life together. From my friends in blogging, to those I've met in PR, and also in law school. From neighbors, to cousins and business acquaintances that turned into friends. Seeing them all all together made me realize how blessed I was to have really good friends.


Here's Alma and Ate Dhal, the hosts of the party. :)

But firsst, chibog!! :)

Blogging friends Ana, Sophie, Tara, and Jamie made it! Yey! We missed Nikki and Jheng! Both are out of the country during this time. 

With law school buddies RY, Doris and Gian. :)

With cousin Mica and office wife, Lara. :) Both are batchmates in CSA. What a small world! :)

With my BYS Family, Ms. Angie and Carelle. :) BYS Cosmetics is very close to my heart but more so the people who hard behind the brand here in the Philippines whom I treasure the most. I've never seen a more passionate manager and makeup artist than these two. :)

Friends from PR and magazines. That's Ira and Krizelle in the first photo, then Kezia and Krisca.
These girls I don't get to see often except at events but they took the time out to be a part of this special day for me. Thank you! Thank you!

And the games began. :) There's Baby Bingo, guess the baby items, and more. Alma and Ate Dhal did a great job at keeping the guests happy with all the games. Kathy and Ate Ericka assisted in giving out the prizes and facilitating. I swear the party felt like an event. :) Everything ran like a well-oiled machine. I had a great time entertaining the guests and felt no pressure at all thinking about the smallest details. My FK family took care of everything for me. :)

The Scrambled Shopping List for Mom is like a text twist game. Many considered it a tough game but Tara and Sophie considered it easy-peesy! :) Congrats!


Everybody was into the games! :)

And the gift giving began. :)

Gift from my Quorum sister, a hologram musical mobile! :) So pretty!

Krizelle's gift a cute stroller cover from Bloom. :)

Ana gave us a Picolo baby carrier! :)

Tara gave me sets of blankies, onesies and other garments for the baby!

Ms. Angie gave me this cute bathtub and a diaper changing bag. :)

Christine gave this preppy laced collar jacket from Mothercare. :)

Ysabs gave this complete Cycles set for my baby's bottle and laundry care. :)

Jamie gave me this super nice Bloom crib set. :)

Tita Tere and Mica gave a set of clothing that says "Granpa Loves Me" from Mothercare

Ever so adorable, Ira, gave my Claud her first Tutu from Gingersnaps! So pretty!!

Lara gave us our first diaper bag! :)

Gian, my law school bff, gave us a set of blankies.

SIL, Ate Cathy and her fam, gave us this Pigeon All-in-One Set sippy cup. :)

FK's ultimate gift is a baby cabinet for Claud! :) They showed me lang the picture since it was too big to carry to the hotel. :)

Another bath tub from my FK family ditse and achie Dhal.

Dipper and bucket from the FK Kiddos. :)

Cute headgear for bathing from Tita Heaven. :)

Pretty socks and shoes tita Liezel.

A special framed ABC of a good mom from Kat.

Lovely set of pillows from Alma and Carlo. :)

Alma gave me also an Aromatherapy book that really came in handy during massage time with the hubby. :)

and of course, the box full of well-wishes for Baby Girl, Claud. :)

There were more gifts from my friends and all of them we truly appreciate receiving in behalf of Baby Claud. I'm so happy to see my friends taking part in joyous occasion and ultimately be a part of Baby Claud's life through their gifts once she's born.

The perfect neighbors, Krsica and Jon. :)

With Ron's family. :) Nephew Nathan, Anne, Ate Cathy, Kuya Jing and their youngest, Shaun. :)


Thanks, hun, for being a part of this event! :) We'll be seeing Baby Claud on May 29. 2014. :)

And now, shout out for all my FK friends. This is a feat to beat! You've exceeded my expectations and made this event in my life a very memorable one. :) Alma and Ate Dhal for commandeering the planning and keeping all the FK girls in their toes. Ditse, for making sure the guests tummy are filled with sumptuous food and printing of designs. For Kat for the thorough logistics and updating of guests. Aiza fo scouting the baby cabinet. Z, for taking all these photos in your pretty dress. :) The FK biys for assisting the girls. Kuya Carlo for the pasta tha tastes oh-so good! To th FK kids who helped out during this event. I know you all did more that what I mentioned and I'll forever be grateful!

I will never forget all the efforts everyone has put in to make me and Baby Claud feel special during this day. 

Alma and Carlo and then Alma and BFF, Liezl. :)

Kat (in the floral dress) with her daughter, Pia. :)

Ate Heaven and her little sister, Brielle

With Ate Dhal, Ate Ericka and niece, Heaven. :)

My FK girls. :) Ericka, Alma, Kat, Ate Dhal, Aiza and Liezl. :)
I have the best friends and family in the world! :)

Happy parents! :)

Everything is all for you, Baby Claud. We can't wait til the day we get to see your beautiful face. :)
You're such a  blessing to me and your daddy. :)

Special thanks to Linden Suites and for arranging our stay in the spacious room 1212. I suggest you get this room for occasions like this. It was such a worry-free stay from start to finish. It's one of the best hotels to cater to this kind of party and still provide a tranquil sanctuary after.

Always use for your hotel needs. I've never experienced a more convenient way of booking a hotel. :)

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