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Are you a sucker for emotional commercial?  I am! This one from Smart Money Padala tugged my heart.

It's amazing how time has changed. When I was young and my dad was working abroad, Mom had to borrow money for many of things that we needed for emergency just because remittances weren't as fast and as reliable as they are today. Mobile banking wasn't even existing back then. When you need immediate cash advance, you can't do anything. Now, it's as easy as texting!

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones that's got me extra emo these days but I'm slowly changing the way I look at things. It's amazing how can carrying a child inside you can make you a totally different person. I've been less outgoing, more caring about what I eat, more aware of other people and even the state of my home now is different.

I guess you can consider me on the way to domestication, settling into my new role as a wife and as a mother. Although I am still the Shen that is crazily addicted to beauty products, I have changed quite a bit and makes sure that I balance my expenses properly. After all, the husband and I have been living independently for the past 5 years.

One thing that I haven't gotten use to is the tiny loss of independence. I use to be able to do a lot of things on my own! I can go out whenever I want. Do grocery, pay for my bills, and so on. Now I can't simply run to the bank to pay for bills, or go out do errands. Given my burgeoning belly, I have to take extra care and have to things from home as much as I can.

That's when friends introduced me to SMART Money. They thought that it'll make my life easier as a pregnant woman who clearly has a lot on her plate and help maintain her independence. After all, being in Smart means freedom and being able to take control of your life. Of course I gladly signed up for one.

What is Smart Money?

It's a re-loadable cash card that is like an ATM and Debit Card but can be accessible and managed using your Smart miobile phone. So if you're a smart subscriber (prepaid and postpaid alike), you can have a Smart Money! It allows you the convenience and security of a  regular Mastercard holder, while able to receive text notification for every Smart Transaction. Meaning, your account is safer than ever.

What can we do with Smart Money?

Transfer Money, Shop Online Securely & Cashless Shopping

Whether it's online shopping, emergency cash or setting up an online business, transferring money is as easy as texting. I can even use my SMART Money card for cashless transaction, allowing me more space in my bag. :)

You can even stop yourself from shopping with the Lock-Unlock feature using your mobile phone. You know, just in case I become overzealous at ordering onesies for my little girl. :)

Want to try it sending money using SMART Money? SMART has a simple simulator that you can try! click here.

Receive Remittance

With a speed of text, receiving money from your loved ones abroad is easier. Smart Money has 95,000 partners agents worlwide (Moneygram, NCB, QuickPay, PLDT Remittance, Western Union) that makes it easier to send money to their loved ones here in the Philippines.

Pay bills

As a preggy mom, I don't need to go out and line up on long queues. The husband just need to transfer our monthly budget to my account and my freelance payments are sent to my Smart Money Mastercard account and I get to pay most bills at the comfort of my home while I blog. :)

I can pay our Meralco, PLDT, Smart bill, Water bill and insurance using my SMART Money. :) For complete list, click here.

Buy Prepaid Load

Easily load up anyone from your family and friend. :)

Encash Money Using ATM Machines

One of the features I love since not every merchant have card access, getting cash easily is still one of the major convenience of having a SMART Money


I didn't realize that Mobile Banking Services could make life easier for me. It allows me to be both a Smart and bank customer and perform fnancial transaction and card management using my SMART mobile phone. It complies with BSP Circular 269, easy menu-based transaction, security modules built into my sim and is SIM encrypted. :)

I transact with several banks in my area. BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Asiatrust, BDBP, RCBC, Allied Bnk, Asia United Bank, Citystate, Security Bank, Sterling Bank of Asia, Chinatrust. All that's Bancnet.

My belly is ready to pop! May is fast approaching. It's nice to know that I can rely on SMART Money to make it easier for me to do things that I use to do even when I'm busy becoming a new mom. A definite help for someone like me who is going through a transition of life. :)

Get your SMART Money today. :) click here!

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