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During this year's Baby Fair by Baby Company, I went all crazy when I saw Beginning's Baby all white garments for infants. It was exactly what I was looking for for my baby's newborn clothing. Probably because I grew up with moms around me who prefers white garment for their newborn and/or the simple fact that I love white fabrics on babies. It reflects to the innocence newborn babies have in them.

What I didn't know entirely was that white garments are actually preferred by doctors. White looks obviously cleaner and safer color choice for baby's first year. It's easy to spot stains, insects and it's definitely cool against baby's skin.

As a new mom, I need all the help I could get and to make things easier for me. One of the advises that I got was not to be overzealous about purchasing baby clothes. Babies outgrow their clothes easily and purchasing key pieces only are much better. Think first of the basics. The cutesy stuff will naturally follow right after. :)

But I tell you, it's so easy to get addicted to baby things! It took a lot of effort for me not to to go under budget. It didn't help that the hubby was saying yes to everything I showed him. Lol! Thank God, white garments are essentially basic needs of a newborn baby. :)

At the booth (which I must say was very well designed in my most favorite shade), one of Beginning's Baby sales associate was nice enough to hand me a checklist that has everything I need. All the apparel along with the necessary number of pieces are listed. It has everything you'll need for your baby from head to toe. Although I have my own checklist of things to buy, R and I decided to follow Beginning's Baby's list instead. 

Here is the list.

This is also available on their facebook page. :)

Ron and I definitely took advantage of the 25% off during the 2014 Baby Fair and we got all the clothing we would need for when Happy comes out.

What's great was that during the time we were choosing, one of the sales associate was nice enough to take the task from me, she took care of everything, asking me only how many items I wanted and she packed it. She obviously saw how overwhelming everything was from me and so she took over. It all that I saw was new to me, it helped that the checklist also had the illustration and name beside each other so I can easily distinguish what I need.

In the end, we were able to purchase what we needed except for a few things that were already out of stock. We are satisfied and many has commended us with our initial choice of clothing for Happy. Here's everything we got:

Everything are just too cute for words. :) And yes, they are oh-so-cottony soft. The cotton Beginnings Baby use are 100 % Shiny Cotton Thread and strictly adhere to US Standard for baby apparel. Considering how affordable each piece are, Beginnings Baby is very meticulous in creating each garment, using special needles, special cotton garters and sawing techniques to assure quality and durability of the product. That includes all attachments (buttons and ties) that are tested to stand wear and tear.

You can definitely feel the importance of each garment merely by touching it. In fact, aside from it being made with 100% cotton, it's also made 100% with love. :) How sweet!

Sleepsuit, Php175.00 (219.75)
Definitely our favorite piece! :)

Shortsleeve Bodysuit, Php100.00 (Php129.75)

Sleeveless Bodysuit, Php95.00 (Php119.75)

Tie-sides Long-sleeves (3 Pcs. per pack), Php190.00 (Php239.75)

Tie-side Shorsleeves (3 Pcs. per pack), Php180.00 (Php229.75)

Tie-sides Sleeveless (3 Pcs. per pack), Php175.00, (Php219.75)

T-shirt (3 Pcs. per pack), Php160, (Php199.75)

Sando (3 Pcs. per pack), P140.00 (Php179.75)

Pajama (3pcs.), Php200 (Php249.75)

Shorts (3 pcs. per pack), Php140.00 (179.75)

Bonnets (3pc), Php75.00 (Php94.75)

Mittens (3pcs. per pack), Php70.00 (Php89.75)

Booties (3 Pcs. per pack), Php70.00 (Php89.75)

Washcloth (3 Pcs. per pack), Php85.00 (php109.75)

Bibs (3 pcs. per pack), Php85.00 (Php109.75)

Binders (3 Pcs. per pack), Php75.00 (Php94.75

Towel Terry Blanket - Php245 (Php309.75)

1/2 Dozen Bird's eye 18X27, Php180 (Php224.75)
1/2 Dozen Bird's eye 27X27, Php255 (319.75)

Blanket, Php190.00 (Php239.75)

I already had these washed and ready using Cycles mild detergent and they look good as new! :) It's important that the stuff we'll need for the hospital is ready on my 7th month. So of course, we're preparing the baby's stuff first and making sure everything is sanitized and clean for her use. :)

I can't wait to see Happy in these white garment outfits. :) I bet she'll look good and utterly cute in them.

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