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Was it only short 2 years ago when one of most natural makeup for me is an intense smokey eyes? Now that life is fast changing for me, I constantly find myself reminiscing of days past when all I could think about was makeup, makeup, makeup and yes, more makeup. I lived and breathed these wonder products that enhances our beauty and even give us a totally different look on days we feel like.. well, crap.

Looking for good quality makeup that doesn't cost an arm and a leg was a tough one one a few years ago. Many of us resorted to buying them abroad and/or settling for the ones available (which isn't much) at the beauty section of a mall's department stores.

You girls have it easy now. During my time, it was really hard to get hands on affordable but good quality makeup. Thanks to the power of internet, many of you now can gain access to more products and many even brought brands here in the Philippines that we didn't even know existed. Giving us more choices and allowing us to explore more of how makeup can enhance us.

A dear friend, Smile (how great is that nickname??), happily brought Sleek to the Philippines, a few years ago and have steadily gained a huge number of fans for this UK brand. Including myself, of course. Smile is a beauty junkie like me who scoured the internet for great buys back in the day. Like most of us, she found her passion in beauty and sought this avenue to create a career for herself.

Quite recently, just before my wedding, she sent over this gorgeous palette from Sleek that is sooo right for the love season. :) It's the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette.

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Sleek's i-Divine Palettes are probably the most talk about products from it's line. It having intense, creamy pigmentation that comes in array of shades of satins, shimmers and mattes. And constantly, Sleek is coming up with new combination that wows us every single time. Like Pokemon, we want to collect them all.

One of its recent launches is the Vintage Romance palette, a mix of mauve, maroons, purples and some blues. It has a good number of natural shimmery shades for a subdued look and intense darker ones for smokey ones.

The names of the shadows is like a journey of love affair all over the world. The shades however reminds me of the Flapper Era, of women wearing intense eye makeup looks with berry lips. The mix of plumps with neautrals and black shadows are amazingly well put together. It's so dramatic, worthy of Hollywood blanc et noir  film. :)

For more photos and swatches, read on! :)

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette | Php650.00

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette - First Row

Pretty in Paris - a silvery shimmer shadow with creamy texture.
Meet in Madrid - a slightly muted gold shadow with specks of yellow and orange (really pretty)
Court in Cannes - a dark bronze shadow
Lust in LA - a shimmery bronze shadow with grayish undertones 
Romance in Rome - a satin deep blue shadow that shifts with slight blue specks
Propose in Prague - a matte terracota shade

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette - Second Row

A Vow in Venice - a satin maroon shadow with slight plum undertones
Marry in Monte Carlo - a shimmery satin maroon plum shadow with red undertones with pink specks
Honeymoon in Hollywood - a matte intense plum shadow with slight silvery specks
Bliss in Barcelo - a satin chrome purple that slightly shifts to green (a little gritty but still blendable)

Forever in Florence - deep matte burgundy shade with silvery specks (a little gritty but still blendable)
Love in London - a deep shimmery black shadow with silvery specks (a little gritty but still blendable)

Most shadows are very creamy, not powdery at all. A thing to look for in good quality eyeshadow palettes. Some though are a bit gritty and may need a little elbow grease when blending but all gives intense color pay-off. Even without a base, the shadow are very pigmented. 

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette - ingredient list

I can't wait to play more with this palette. So far, I've only played with the first few bronze shadows for a daytime look. I suggest you get this if you'd like to play around with a more intense makeup look. Plums are getting a lot of hype this year and Vintage Romance fits the bill if you want your eyes to carry the color of the year. 

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette (Php650.00) is available at

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